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  • Bachelor's Degree Benefits

    Without a bachelor’s degree, for instance, it would make it tougher for job seekers to find their dream jobs. According to Matt Sigelman, CEO of Burning Glass Technologies, “employers appear to be using a bachelor’s degree as a rough, rule of thumb screening system to recruit better workers.” Technology has evolved so much that jobs, that were considered unskilled labor, are now based in the employee’s use of technology. For example, janitorial workers now have a company email account. Their schedules and time sheets, upcoming events, changes to the company’s privacy and employee policies, are all found online. This standard of technology was not in full practice of employees twenty years ago. In order to catch up, or stay employed, job candidates…

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  • Pursuing A Bachelor's Degree

    After graduating from Lewis and Clark with my associate's degree, My plan is to move on to a bachelor's program at Lindenwood University. Once completing my degree there, I plan to move on to a master's program. I am very motivated to graduate. Pursuing a degree has been a dream of mine for a very long time. My other motivation is my children. Providing a better life for them is important. My daughter wants to be an orthopedic surgeon and my son is too young to decide. The schooling, my…

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  • Bachelor's Degree Competency

    Associate and diploma competency vs Bachelor’s degree competency Stephanie Earl Grand Canyon University: NRS-430V 10/30/16 Associate’s Degree Competency versus Bachelor’s Degree Competency Hospitals are now requiring their nurses to have a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing and this is becoming very controversial in the field. Nurse competency is measured by the NCLEX-RN (National Council exam for Registered Nurse) licensure exam. This exam is testing for minimal competency for the nurse to work…

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  • Neurosurgeon: Pursuing A Bachelor's Degree

    occupation is long and tedious. Technically, a student is able to major in anything, as long with taking pre-med class and be accepted into medical schools. However, most choose degrees in the scientific field; biology or chemistry. I choose neuroscience as my major, not only because the major occupies my interest, but to set me aside in the application process for medical school. Only a few universities neuroscience as a major in the United States of America. In simpler words, any degree is…

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  • Achieving A Bachelor's Degree In Psychology

    According to the website some jobs offered for a person with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology are case management, career counselor, rehabilitation specialist, and psychiatric technician; none of which I really wanted to do. This told me I would have to be in school longer than four years, but how long; is what I was curious to know. So, I looked some more. Not until I achieve at least a Master’s degree will I be able to actually help people like I want. Then the only job offered…

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  • Essay On Pursuing A Bachelor's Degree Career

    When looking for a career it is important to look for possibilities. One of my academic goals is to continue pursuing a graduate degree after earning my bachelor’s degree. However, I never really thought about a career that I can do with a bachelor’s in psychology. That being said, one job that crossed my mind was being a preschool teacher. Although, a bachelor’s degree is not really required it is recommended. A graduate degree career that I always thought about pursuing is a forensic…

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  • Choosing To Gain A Bachelor's Degree In Education

    From a young age, children in the United States are put in school and generally stop schooling in their early adulthood years. Learning for these children starts out as a confusing puzzle of information; teachers are the missing puzzle piece that brings together the information to assist students. Choosing to become a teacher means that an individual wants to be in a profession where having a role in broadening and educating children 's lives outweighs the challenges that may occur. To attain…

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  • Bachelor's Of Science Degree In Nursing

    Should the Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN) be the entry-level of education for the Registered Nurse (RN) title? This seems like a recent hot topic and highly debated issue, but it was the American Nurses Association (ANA) recommendation 45 years ago. Due to the increasing shortage of nurses that began over a decade ago, as well as an aging population, interest in phasing out two-year nursing degrees has faded. In 2012 it was estimated that there were 43.1 million people over the…

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  • Obtaining A Bachelor's Degree In Physical Therapy

    My career and educational goals are lengthy, but straightforward. I plan to obtain an associate of science degree from Catawba Valley Community College. Upon completion, then transfer to a four-year university to obtain my bachelor’s degree in sports medicine. A bachelor’s degree in sports medicine will enable me to pursue a career as a physical therapist. I have always had a strong desire to help others. I became interested in physical therapy after suffering a harsh knee injury. Several…

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  • Pursuing A Bachelor's Degree In Basketball

    I bolted to the wing. Raj had just caught the rebound. I ran past Akhil towards the hoop, confident Raj knew what to do. He threw the ball over Ivan’s arms. I jumped up, caught the ball, spun, and followed through with the alley-oop. The score was 21-18. Raj and I beat Ivan and Akhil for the first time in a while. “We got this next week,” said Ivan exhausted. “Alright, good luck with that,” Raj responded. The four of us left the court, going wherever the day would lead us. I was led back…

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