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  • New High School Diploma Essay

    College is the New High School Graduating from high school is not what it used to be. It used to be the push that leads the transition into adult hood by getting a job, purchasing a house, and starting a family. In the past, some graduates decided to attend college, while others decided to immediately start living their lives. A college degree has become the new high school diploma where a bachelor’s degree is the minimal credentials for obtaining an entry-level job. In todays world there are many reasons why a college degree has become the new high school diploma. A college diploma is the new high school diploma because of the loss of true academic learning achievement standards in the educational system. In present day the world is facing…

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  • Why Is It Important To Have A High School Diploma Essay

    As it is I am the only person in my immediate family to graduate with a high school diploma. That was really important to my mother and father. At the time I just assumed that was the norm. My mom did go back and get her GED which really showed me it is never too late to still learn. My father was a high school drop but still a very smart man. He could fix anything and was just a natural problem solver. I was the only child born from my mother and father. My father went on to have three more…

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  • Importance Of Diploma

    Question One Stage One - Forming: On the 8th of February 2016, I started my new Diploma class. All my new class members were reserved and polite, with everyone being on their best behavior in order to create a good first impression. Conflict was avoided at all costs because we all wanted to be accepted into the class. I noticed some of my classmates seemed excited for what lay ahead of us. We all were focused on the task at hand, which was the Disney unit, and about one another. We set…

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  • Why A Diploma Is Important

    Most people believe that grades and a diploma is all that matters to be accepted into a job, but that is completely wrong. The percentage of people that have a diploma Canada is approximately 28% making Canada 7th out of 16 peer countries who have the highest university completion rate. Knowing that it is pretty common to find people who have a diploma, making a diploma worthless than it actually is. In other words, these days’ there is a large percent of people who have a university diploma,…

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  • College Still Matters

    Although there is a job for everyone out there a business will always pick someone with relevant and better skills for a specific job. Although in today’s information age anyone is capable of learning the skills necessary for a job, however, the employer will take a bachelor’s degree over someone’s word. In the article “3 Reason College Still Matters” by Andrew Delbanco explains a few reasons why college still important, one of them being the value of a bachelor’s degree as he said, “Its’ clear…

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  • Explain Why College Is Necessary Essay

    College does not just prepare you for jobs, but more importantly for real life with a successful future. (Hrabowski 260). Most just jump to the conclusion that they can not go to college because of the prices and just give up, that is where financial aid packages come to play because when there’s a will, there’s a way. What these kind of people do not realize is that “college graduates are much more likely to be employed than those with only a high school diploma and earn substantially higher…

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  • Emily Hanford's Article: The Value Of A College Lesson

    receiving college diplomas as well as the increasing wage gap between workers with a degree versus workers without…

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  • Acollege Degree: A Benefit Analysis

    prepare for a job career” (Pew and Social Demographic Trends). When gaining acollege diploma, people have greater probability in living happier and healthy, because theyhave more opportunities and also they are able to earn more advantages compared to theircounterparts, that only have a high school diploma. People with college experience havegreater advantages, because throughout their college, they gained personal growth andincreased their ability in interacting with others. “The main arguments…

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  • The Value Of A College Education

    1. What is your position based on comprehensive research and your far-reaching analysis? I believe that a college education is a real value and is worth all the time, money and effort that it takes to obtain. Current reports show that people who have earned a Bachelors Degree earn approximately 84% more in earnings than individuals with only a High School Diploma. The financial benefits of a college degree are immense and were evident during the recent recession. A current study published in…

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  • Essay On Worth Of College Education

    States from a backward land of rebellious colonists to the greatest, most spirited, powerful and successful nation in the world.” College education teaches people how the economy works, how to critical think, how politics works and the advance of technology. Generally speaking, the knowledge of college education is worth the financial investment because everything in the world advance. Second, with college education one is eventually able to get a better paying job with little or no hard labor.…

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