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  • English As New Language Analysis

    English as New Language (ENL) students benefit from direct reading instruction. Most schools and classroom teachers are not prepared to meet the increasing needs of the ENL’s. According to the National Education Association only 2.5 percent of the teachers who instruct students have a degree in ESL and about 12 percent have 8 or more hours of training to support their instruction (Denise McKeon, 2005). There is a rise in the number of the ENL population and most of the teachers that are working with ENL’s do not have the necessary training to meet their diverse needs. In 2012-2013, there were estimated to be about 10% ELL population in the United States, which makes about 4.4 million students. Also, many of the students are not fluent…

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  • Direct Instruction Essay

    The “Best Practices in Direct Instruction” video showed how teachers can use direct instruction to teach students. This method consists of teaching the students as a whole directly. Next, teachers check for understanding by asking questions about the material by using a cue such as a noise or pointing finger to get the students to respond back and show that they understand. This step is important to ensure that all the children have understood the concept that has been taught. The teaching is…

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  • The Importance Of Direct Instruction In The Classroom

    The video is showing how direct instruction is used in a classroom setting. Teachers use signals to better facilitate the learning process. Direct instruction is when teachers use a straightforward approach to teaching specific educational skills. The students are placed in the program based on assessments of the children’s abilities. The video also states that direct instruction is perfect for second English learners. Repetition seems to be a key component of the program. The teachers all…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Direct Instruction

    Explicit instruction is used when a teacher has designed a lesson plan for a topic, that the students will learn in a step-by-step process (Van de Walle et al., 2013, p. 98). The study, “The Effect of Direct Instruction Strategy on Math Acievement of Primary 4th and 5th Grade Student with Learning Difficulties,” sampled sixty 4th and 5th grade students recognized to have learning problems associated with math and taught using direct instruction or in a traditional format. The study found that by…

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  • Direct Instruction Approach Essay

    The Direct Instruction Approach video shows instruction in action inside the classroom setting to teach words and is fast paced and fluid. The students verbally respond collectively and are individually checked occasionally by the teacher to demonstrate their knowledge. The teacher quickly corrects any mistakes and moves on with the corrections. This repetition is attributed to the success of the approach by a teacher. The video depicts a word being read at prompt of teacher, spelled out, and…

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  • Direct Interactive Instruction Curriculum Analysis

    This paper evaluates the curriculum initiative of Direct Interactive Instruction (DII) and its effectiveness in attaining higher scores on state level assessments in math and English. Clement Middle School took on this challenge in hindsight of the No Child Left Behind Initiative in which closing the gap in levels of student performance was seen as the ultimate tool in combating successful academic outcomes. “Educators are always called to consider something new, something that enables…

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  • Guided Reading Procedure: Direct Instruction

    Constructivsim in reading theory requires that students, at any age, be actively engaged in determining their own purpose and constructing their own meaning . The reader is fully integrated using higher order thinking skills and solves practical problems that are real-world and relevant. The teacher acts as a facilitator to to encourage student questions and interpretations without expectation of one correct answer. Online learning can be an example. Students are emphasizing multiple…

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  • Mike's Language Disability Analysis

    educational potential. For example, I found Mike to be attentive to teacher instruction, but he did not appear to be a challenged by the instruction. In my observations of Mike during small group and independent time, Mike behaved appropriately and was attentive to his surroundings. Compared to Mike, I found other students to lack both physical and common sense of awareness. Second, I wondered about the relationship that existed between the various educational stakeholders of Mike’s education.…

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  • Rote Education: Analysis Of The Direct Instruction Approach

    1. Provide a summary for the video (minimum 100 words). The Direct Instruction Approach that was shown in this video emphasizes rote learning, repetition, and the entire class participating. As a teacher would tap on a board or table, the entire classroom of students would read out loud what the teacher was pointing at. Because of this repetition, children learn from their peers, especially when it comes to sounding out words and sentences. The teachers interviewed were specifically trained…

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  • Herty Elementary Classroom Observation

    with remembering the words to songs compared to the other children. This made it harder for them to participant. Therefore, many of the kids did not sing. I also noted that the entire Autism class sat in the back. I wasn 't sure if that was for a certain reason. I would have liked to have seen them integrated once again with the normally developing children and not have them sit at the back. The last room we observed was homeroom. This classrooms’ environment was calm, helpful, and very…

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