Dirty Dancing

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  • Analysis Of Dirty Dance By Eleanor Bergstein

    September 18, 2016 at 6:30pm, I had the privilege of attending Dirty Dancing, the classic story on stage written by Eleanor Bergstein at the Memphis, Tennessee Orpheum. Bergstein is an American writer who wrote and co-produced the popular film Dirty Dancing back in the 80’s. She wrote the story based partly off her own childhood. James Powell was the director, Trinity Wheeler was the producer, and Michele Lynch was the choreographer for this musical. With this being a musical there were many songs throughout the play, but two of the main songs from the original movie that transferred into this musical where Do You Love Me by the Contours and (I’ve Had) The Time of my Life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes. The Dirty Dancing Musical is…

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  • Dirty Dancing: Movie Analysis

    Film is a huge industry in our daily world. We are constantly looking forward to the next big film coming out, or relishing in classic flicks, such as for me Dirty Dancing. We base our holidays off movies such as Christmas everyone watching Elf, but let’s be real that movie is great year around. What makes a film so intriguing, that we can’t take our eyes off the screen? A good plot, good actors, but also the special effects, can really define a movie’s greatness. “The art of visual effects…

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  • Alas Babylon Analysis

    Pat Frank’s Alas, Babylon has more meaning than just a title of a random book. Randy and Mark Bragg, brothers, knew a nuclear war was coming but did not want anyone to know about it. Mark lived in Omaha while Randy lived in Florida. They would communicate back and forth to each other, via telephone or telegram, and “Alas Babylon” was their codename (Frank 14). Codename was a warning for a nuclear war was coming and if it were to spread to the family, they would all freak out. Alas, Babylon had…

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  • Benefits Of The Beginners Guide To Phone Sex

    The Beginners Guide To Phone Sex If you are new to phone sex, don’t worry. Phone sex is an ultimatum experience and you will definitely enjoy it. Phone sex is a form of aural sex in which you get turned on by listening and talking dirty. In phone sex, you call a phone sex operator and engage in a conversation that arouses you sexually. In the meantime, you can be enjoying yourself by using a toy or your hands. To some people, the soft talk from the phone sex operator is enough to kick them in…

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  • Police Officer: A Short Story

    Do any of you guys have any noteworthy encounters with the police, Good or Bad? please share This will be long ass shit, FYI I 'll start: around September 2013, I was working as facilities engineer, which is a dirty job. I pretty much carried around an entire toolkit with me most days, i.e a hammer, screwdriver, boxcutter, drywall patch and etc. As I 'm heading home for the day, listening to music, two men grabbed me from behind and tried to drag me down to the curb. I did what anyone would…

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  • Poem Analysis: Mothers Of The Plaza De Mayo

    The Mothers and Memory In 1977 just after the Argentine “Dirty War” began terrorizing the nation, a courageous and determined group of mothers took to the streets to protest the disappearances of their sons and daughters. These women, known as the Madres de Plaza de Mayo, became a powerful source of resistance to the Process of National Reorganization commissioned by the military junta which controlled Argentina between 1976 and 1983. In these seven years, it is estimated that roughly 30,000…

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  • Dancing Plague Of 1518 Research Paper

    "By the end of August 1518, nearly 400 people had experienced the madness."(Waller, n.p.) John Waller, a leading expert on the dancing plague of 1518, had this to say on the strange occurrences in a small, French town during 1518(Waller, n.p.). There is still much debate as to what caused the dancing plague to occur in 1518. Some people believe it was caused by the ingestion of ergot by the local people of Strasbourg, France(Israel, n.p). Others believe it was caused by a mass hysteria that…

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  • Blue Winds Dancing Tom Whitecloud Analysis

    Personal Analysis of Blue Winds Dancing The short story, Blue Winds Dancing by Tom Whitecloud is about a young Native American’s struggle to exist in both the white mans world and the Native American world. The narrator of the story perceives these two different worlds as the civilized and uncivilized America. This short story is an example of a human existence and communicates the importance of young Native American’s cultural struggle to fit into the white world within the history of America.…

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  • Animal Farm Hate Speech Analysis

    Hate speech in “Animal farm” and “Priscilla the Cambodian” Hate speech is used as one of the apparatuses employed both in “Animal farm” by George Orwell and “Pricilla the Cambodian” by Rattawut Lapcharoensap. Although it occurs in different circumstances and contexts, the two stories share some ideas in common which significantly reflect the act of their characters as well as the societies, which will be explained further. Hate speech is one of the communication methods being used to attack a…

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  • Cop Killer Music Analysis

    must protect our children with choice, not censorship. Children need our help, and we must summon the courage to examine the culture that shapes their lives.” (Gore 15) This still has not taken affect since Tipper Gore published his article in 1988. Rising young rappers spitting poetic verses with odd beats was growing back in 1973. A trend leaving audiences in aw with what artists spoke, sparked up audiences minds and influence to create what we now call Hip-Hop. With time passing by, the…

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