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  • Argentina Economy

    Argentina, on the other hand, has a wide range of natural resources that the country benefits from. In 1976, the economy was affected by the depraved governance of a military dictatorship, which led to an increase in corruption and in anti-labor policies due to financial liberation increasing the country’s debt by reducing capital for investment. While Argentina is a rich country, since 1974 their economy has recorded steady economic growth meaning that there’s very little to no progress being made in their economy. In Soto and Zurita’s research they blame fiscal irresponsibility on Argentina’s slow economic progress. The evolution of Argentina’s real GDP per-capita has been at around 1.1% growth per year between 1950 and 1974. After 1974 there…

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  • Jorge Mario Bergoglio: The Republic Of Argentina

    America, subdivided into 23 provinces and one autonomous city, is home to approximately 43,417,000 Argentinians holding the world’s largest population of Italians outside of Italy and the second largest population of Jews in the Americas, outside of New York. The name Argentina comes from the Latin word for silver, Argentum, and they chose this name because the original European settlers thought the country was full of silver and somehow this rumor reached Spain in 1524. Their mother tongue is a…

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  • Why Is El Dia De Tradicion Important In Argentina

    Argentina is the eighth largest country covering about 2.8 million square kilometers and almost the entire southern half of South America. It comprises of some of the world’s most impressive waterfalls, massive deserts, and tallest mountains. Also, Argentina’s population is largely of European origin with a national language of Spanish. Argentina is a country rich with culture and many traditions. The cultural activities are reflected in the different artistic expressions such as: painting,…

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  • Brazil Military Regime

    In Latin America, many countries have suffered from a military regime at one point or another. Chile, Brazil, Argentina, among others, all had a military rule during the 20th century. However, the focus of this research paper will focus on Argentina and Brazil. By far, these two countries had a very long military rule. The Argentine military regime lasted six years, 1976-1982. Brazil’s lasted 21 years, 1964-1985. However, they each experienced them in a completely different manner. At the end of…

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  • Argentina

    Argentina Over the years Argentina has increased its imports bringing in a greater amount of goods. The main import of Argentina is cars; which is 9.8% of the total imported goods. Followed by cars, Petroleum gas which is 6.86% of the total imported amount of goods. Argentina is so big on imports that they rank 44th in the world on the largest amount of imports. Within five years the amount spent on imports went from $55B in 2008 to $72.1B in 2013. Exports on the other hand have stayed about in…

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  • Environmental Effects Of Waste For Life

    scientific knowledge and technology, Waste for life is dedicated to assistance in residents who have poverty problem. As an additional objective, diminish the detrimental environmental effect of non-recycled plastic waste in order to save populace who relies on waste to subsist by boosting self-adequacy and economic safety (Waste for Life, n.d.). According to Waste for Life, in Argentina, after the…

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  • An Essay On South America

    SOUTH AMERICA – BRAZIL, ARGENTINA, and CHILE South America. When I think of this area several thoughts run rampant through my mind. My thoughts blissfully wander through tropical beaches and long, warm sunny days. The perfect place to take a tranquil vacation, laying on the beach or playing golf at a coastal resort. A place to achieve complete ataraxia. My attention then turns to the violence and drugs which seem to be prevalent in these areas. We hear of the drug wars which run rampant in…

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  • While Peacekeeping Fails: An Analysis

    invaded a series of islands referred to as Falkland Islands. They rapidly overcame the small garrison operated by British marines and rapidly stationed troops in the islands (Encyclopædia Britannica para 2). In response, the United Kingdom undertook a counter-invasion and occupation of the islands to deny the Argentinians from claiming sovereignty over the archipelago. It took almost two months of combat, in which combat casualties exceeded a thousand soldiers, before the British military…

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  • Domingo Sarmiento Analysis

    gained independence from Spain. Two key leaders in the liberation movements were Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin. After the creation of Republics Latin American politicians looked to the United States for support and guidance. Two such influential men were Domingo Sarmiento, President of Argentina, and Matias Romero, Mexican Ambassador to the United States. These four men all had varying opinions of the United States and different responses to the nation. This paper will argue that all four…

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  • Toxic Democracy In Latin America

    Most parts of Latin America have been struggling to implement or enforce democracy for the past century. The most notable examples are Argentina and Chile. Many political scientists have argued that this is mostly due to internal factors such as the corporatist culture and lack of proper structural reforms, but they do not include external pressures from the international sphere to curb communist influence in Latin America. In this paper, I will argue that from the coup in Chile in 1973 to the…

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