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  • My Most Challenging Actor

    interviewed many young actors who have acted longer than you and have not won any awards. That is something to be proud of. Aw, thank you. Not to put down the others at all, but it 's neat that you 've jumped in, and they have recognized your talent in that way. Aw, thanks. In your career so far, what do you think has been your most challenging role? I 'd say my most challenging role was the first play I was ever in. It was a two hander play at the Arts Club Theatre. It 's called Armstrong 's War. The character was one who just wouldn 't stop talking. It was like one of the most fun roles I 've played in my life, but it was also kind of terrifying. I think I psyched myself out a bit 'cause I had only been…

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  • Importance Of Actors And Athletes

    Everyday when we turn on the television it is full of shows, movies and sports. They are full of a variety of actors and athletes. Do you ever wonder why they get paid so much? If so you are probably like me and want to know why. Some of the reasons they are paid so are because they are the best at what they do, actors and athletes are in the public eye at all times, become spokespeople for brands, and risk their career playing or performing in sports. When you watch a movie in the movie…

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  • Why Become A Successful Actor

    become a successful actor there is one thing must require persistence. Almost weekly actors are turned down for their parts that…

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  • The Actor As Object Of Desire Analysis

    Question 1 In this semester we read many interesting articles, but the reading which I find easiest to apply to real life was The Actor as Object of Desire, by Don Shewey. In passage one, the author details meeting their idol and getting the opportunity to become more connected or intimate with them, but turn the opportunity down instead because “intimacy pulls the plug” on the idealization of another human being. This is a very true statement in my mind. Actors, whether on stage or in film,…

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  • What Inspired You Become An Actor?

    Once I became a colossal Hallmark network fan, I discovered that there was a certain actor who seemed to pop up in their films and television shows on a somewhat regular basis. I researched and realized that this actor was none other than Garry Chalk. With around 355 credits to his name, Garry is one of those professionals who has experienced unparalleled success in this diverse world of entertainment. But in spite of his sometimes frenetic schedule, Garry was gracious enough to set aside some…

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  • Preston Vanderslice: Why Did You Become An Actor?

    Once in awhile, there is a name that just embeds itself in my brain and I cannot seem to obliterate it. Interestingly enough, it just so happens that Preston Vanderslice is one of those names. Thankfully, he is more than just a memorable name as he is a noteworthy actor as well. I first noticed him in Love By Chance, and it seems as though Hallmark, amongst other things, is slowly beginning to learn and take advantage of his potential as an artist. Recently, I had the opportunity to ask him a…

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  • Why I Am Not A Lead Actor Essay

    school, at least the amount of work and effort I did isn’t much compared to what the lead actors had done. Plus, there’s only five days left until the show. I will endure. I wipe the sweat off of my forehead and with glee; I put my music…

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  • Importance Of State Actors In International Relations

    the state: why it is important in international politics, word length: 997 Word Count 1008 The State in the context of international relations and world politics, is one, if not the most important actors in international relations theory. The State can defined as “a large social system with a set of rules that are enforced by a permanent administrative body (government).” ( The role of state actors in International Relations has always been classically seen as the most…

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  • Importance Of Becoming An Actor

    hospitality, shown through our Saturday Tailgating at Ole Miss in the grove, but Football is King and acting is on the back-burner. The road to becoming an actor in Mississippi is close to extinct. This may sound ridiculous, but the actual building at my college where theatre classes are offered, is shared with the schools ROTC program. The thought of becoming an actor in Mississippi has become something of a joke and the only way for myself to develop a career is to escape the cultural norms…

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  • Rational Actor Model

    In the case of the Iraqi conflict, Rumsfeld and Cheney were working alone, shutting out other political figures, to further their own interest. In doing this, their policies were primarily egoistic and therefore ineffective in the long run. There are some who say the rational actor model is beneficial when dealing with these self-interest groups. But in my opinion, the rational actor model does not account for egocentric players. These people do not make decisions on cost/benefit for the…

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