Essay On Becoming A Musical Actor

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Imagine performing on a stage for an audience; singing, dancing, acting, live on stage.
There 's no room for mistakes on the stage during show time. To be able to perform live for a crowd is something I’ve dreamed of doing. I would like to be a musical theatre actress when I grow up. An actor is someone who portrays and interprets roles using speech, body motions, and other skills. A musical theatre actor specializes in acting, while also singing and dancing to music. "In this career, you must memorize lines and actions from a script and perform them in the manner of the character you 're portraying. This job requires you to research characters, study script dialogue and rehearse performances so you may give an accurate character portrayal"
("Actor or
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When choosing where to go for an education, there are many different types of classes to look for if someone wants to be a musical theatre performer. Musical theatre is a special kind of theatre and requires different teachings than normal theatre. Certain schools have programs that actually let a student learn from experience. But, basic skills that are needed to become an actor is the ability to have active listening, speaking, and reading comprehension.
Mathematics and science are skills that aren 't necessarily needed in the world of theatre and to become an actor. Some would recommend taking some sort of theatre class or drama club to learn the basics of acting. Dance and voice lessons are also something to look into if one wants to become a musical theatre actor, because those are vital skills that can decide whether you can get a certain role in a show. “Basic skills are skills that allow you to learn other things: they 're the building blocks to the skills that will help you succeed in any career” (“Basic

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