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  • Bertolt Brecht's Epic Theatre As A Modern Theatre

    As one of the most influential figures in theatre, Bertolt Brecht has stamped his legacy in the world theatre. His search for anew kind of theatre made his theatre a modern avant-garde whichhas left its traces in postmodern theatres. This paper tries toinvestigate Brecht’s epic theatre as a modern avant-garde and itsinfluence in postmodern theatre. His epic theatre was in fact a revoltagainst the main stream modern theatre in which Brecht openlydeclares that theatre should be ‘political.’ Brecht’s theatre was soinfluential that his theatre becomes reference to the postmoderntheatre. Key words: epic theatre, Bertolt Brecht, avant-garde, postmodern, propaganda Bertolt Brecht was a modern man. He grew as a dramatist in aworld where modern ideas…

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  • Importance Of Theatre

    Theatre is a form of art that requires live performers in order to share imagined or real life events before a live audience. I feel that theatre helps people within society develop a sense of comfort when dealing with certain issues or dilemmas that are happening or have happened around the world. Individuals can also gain some sort of understanding toward an opposing view by relations within a theatrical atmosphere. Cultures are greatly affected by theatre through the feeling of entertaining…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Theatre

    of comprehension, and the yearning to enlighten people intertwine together make theatre everlasting. Even the spelling of theatre compared to theater had a level of comprehension resonating in it. While the term theater is more synonymous with American English, theatre is commonly known on a global scale. While theater can be perceived a form of entertainment and profitable venue, theatre is much more complex than those qualities. Theatre is an art form. Theatre, combined with essential dramatic…

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  • Technical Theatre Experience

    Although technical theatre is not my cup of tea, I did enjoy learning about some of the things. That is why I am choosing to talk about my two favorite things we discussed this semester: scenic painting and drafting. The first, scenic painting is the one I had the most experience with coming into. To find employment opportunities dealing with scenic painting I went to google and typed in “jobs that require scenic painting.” Surprisingly, I found more than I would have thought. On I…

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  • Theatre Stage Process

    process of putting together a theatre production from “page to stage” is an extensive undertaking, which requires time, energy, and resources at every step. First of all, the process will start with the dramagurge whose task it is to seek out a script or playwright (this may take several months or even years). Once the dramaturge’s suggested script is accepted by a producer (or theatre company), he/she (the producer) must begin to consider various questions: Who is going to create this show(…

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  • Reflection On Ethnographic Theatre

    This essay combines critical reflection with dramaturgical analysis to uncover some of the ethical questions that arose when working in applied ethnographic theatre with veterans of the US Armed Forces. In the aftermath of 9/11, theatre in the United States has grappled with the ongoing armed conflicts through a number of recent projects and initiatives performed throughout the country, including Basetrack Live (2014), Holding it Down: The Veterans’ Dreams Project (2013), and The Telling Project…

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  • My Theatre Experience

    Perhaps you’re thinking of joining a theatre crew. You spent much of your childhood attending plays while getting captivated by the fantasy being brought to life before your very eyes and now you want to become part of it. While it is true that most who are in the theatre did join for this very reason, there are some points where the similarities of watching and participating detour into major differences. I preface this with a brief glimpse into my background. First off, I was not an actor. I…

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  • Ancient Shakespearean Theatre

    creation of theatre staging has consistently evolved, and through these changes we see the impact of different spaces on theatre making. It is also important to recognise that due to the ephemeral nature of theatre, it is still unknown exactly what occurred during these performance, so the documentation of theatre staging provides valuable insight into how performances were made. The period of Ancient Greek Theatre is one of the first times where a dedicated space for theatre making was…

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  • Reflection Of Theatre: An Introduction To Theatre

    This is the class “Introduction to Theatre,” one of the best class in CU Boulder. The class basically teaches every basic elements of the theatre, which are, theatre element structure, the origin of theatre, the kinds of stages, and etc. I have profoundly learned so much materials for the great professor (Rebecca), TA (Jash), and also my fellows. I would say theatre class could change my new perspective looking to theatre in general. Throughout this paper, I would personally tell about the…

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  • Characteristics Of The British Theatre

    British theatre was forever changed in the eighteenth century. It started to evolve and started creating works that are still well know today. Women were finally allowed to have roles on stage and different acting styles were starting to be used. With these changes some performers became very popular and were celebrities of their time. The reason why these masterpieces are still well recognized today is not only how well they were written, it was because of the great actors and actresses who…

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