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  • Immersive Theatre

    Through non-conventional theatre, in the form of immersive theatre, the performative characteristics of scenic design are scrutinized. By transcending traditional dramatic performances, yet still incorporating similar characteristics taken from conventional theatre, immersive theatre stimulates the spectator’s theatrical experience while still making it new yet familiar. It is crucial to present or evoke an action through the depiction of fictional events, or at least, through the embodiment of the presentation of events, in the presence of the audience. Their experience of these events and the actions involved (whether visually, verbally, or physically) are of major importance to achieve the desired effect of immersive theatre. The audience…

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  • Theatre Practicum

    As a musical theatre major going into my second year of college. I have only really ever been the performer in productions. I’ve never been to knowledgeable about the aspects of theatre behind the spotlight. But since pursuing theatre in higher education, I am aware of how limited I made myself in my lack of interest of anything not involving performance. Since being at Ouachita, I can say my eagerness to understand every position in theatre is constantly increasing. And not to just be apart of…

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  • Greek Theatre Vs American Theatre

    a slew of theatrical performances. From the tragedies and festivals of ancient Greece to the neoclassical dramas of France, there is a multitude of productions and genres available from cultures across the world. Plays and musicals are still popular to this day, and the Richard Rodgers Theatre and the Globe Theatre in England being very popular with locals and tourists alike. There are even thousands of programs in schools across the country dedicated to theatre. Theatre is live entertainment…

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  • Awareness In Theatre

    Theatre has been an art form for over 2,000 years and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Theatre is an art form that analyzing the human condition and is also utilized as a way of entertainment and escape from the harsh realities of the world. This art form creates a safe place within the theater venue and the world of the play for humans to experience human actions and emotions in a safe way; someone can experience the emotion of the death of a loved one without actually having a loved one…

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  • Theatre Set

    A theatre set should: suggest the style and tone of the whole production create mood and atmosphere give clues as to the particular time and place of the action offer (showing the ability to create interesting new things) possibilities for the movement and grouping of the actors The set may also need to be designed so the backstage areas used by the actors and stage crew are kept out of sight from the audience. This will depend on the effect the director wants to create with the staging…

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  • Theatre Observation

    For my first performance response, I saw Anything Goes at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre in Fort Myers, FL on February 17th, 2017. At this dinner theatre, Will Prapher produces and owns the theatre. With his compony titled Prapher Entertainment, Prapher produces such productions in Florida as well as Pennsylvania. This production was a comedy and a love story all in one. Billy, the protagonist, loved Hope, who was engaged to Evelyn. All the characters interact on a cruise ship that was going…

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  • Similarities Between Live Theatre And Tv Theatre

    Live theatre and film are quite different although they have some of the most similar aspects. Live Theater is real and the theatrical actors are really able to set the environment and are able to make people feel and connect to what the character’s are going through. The experience people go through when they watch a show speaks for itself. Movies and tv shows are somewhat realistic as well, but they are not as majestic as what it feels like to actually be right there with the “characters”…

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  • African American Theatre

    There is a belief that the art of live theatre is no longer relevant. However, after being exposed to the fundamentals of theatre over the course of the semester, it is clear that theatre plays a vast role in today’s society. It is an art form that is unique and unlike any other form of art. In fact, theatre is not just an art form, it is a form of expression, culture, and history. Each play addresses issues and problems people face and connects with the audience in a way that books, artwork,…

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  • Capitol Theatre History

    “Capitol Theatre is at the former site of the Belmore Markets. The latter, built by George McRae (Architect) and Norman Selfe (structural engineer) in 1891, but was commercially unsuccessful due to its location, being too far from Darling Harbour. The old site was rebuilt as a theatre in 1928.” Since the early 19th century when this section of land was used by settlers as a market place for manufacture and hay, hence its name, “Haymarket”. The building initially functioned as “Belmore Markets”…

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  • Theatre Reflective Report

    Upon starting this course, theatre to me was just an act put on in a room for an audience. As I began this class, theatre became much more. I was able to understand that theatre is not just an act put on in a room for an audience, yet it is a well thought out production between directors and actors to ensure the audience is getting the best show possible from any angle in the theatre. Theatre also is a form of art and tells a story through acting, singing, and dancing in the background of…

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