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  • Performing Arts

    Performing arts have been around for centuries. Famous artists and creators have expressed their ideas and feelings through works of art which range from Shakespeare’s plays, to DaVinci’s paintings, to modern day photography. People, who have creative mindsets like this, have expressed themselves and learned new things through artistic outlets. In today’s society, kids all over the United States have taken advantage of the opportunities in their school to shine their artistic talents in performance arts as well as using this resource to learn other material in their curriculum. Students who have difficulty learning material in a regular classroom setting use other options such as the performing arts to help them understand materials in other classes. Unfortunately, because of the economic hardships, states have been getting lower incomes for activities in schools, which result in…

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  • Pittsburgh Performing Arts Project Report

    The Pittsburgh Performing Arts Center was founded in 1989, and has served over 150,000 young people, 30,000 teachers, and a countless number of school districts over the past 25 years. The Pittsburgh Performing Arts Center designs programs to inspire students’ artistic expression and thought through integrative experiences. Our programs adapt to fit the needs of all students ranging from kindergarten to twelfth grade. The design of our 2016 season will bring laughter, excitement, and a time to…

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  • Performing Art Vs Visual Art Essay

    All art forms are important to a culture because the music, the sculptures, the paintings, etc., all help form and differentiate each culture from another. Therefore, I disagree with the statement that visual artists are more important to a culture than performing artists because they create permanent work of art because both works of art can cause people to reflect on their lives, can bring enjoyment, and both can allow people to experience and interpret the art in their own way. It shouldn’t…

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  • Performing Arts Research Paper

    How does performing arts affect your mental state? Imagine if you had something to look forward to after school or work, a place where you can meet people and bond with them? Performing arts can affect you in many different ways. According to Juilette Siverstine, there are 5 different ways performing arts can benefit your child. In the article she talks about how performing arts can help your child to earn higher academic achievement, confidence and self representation skills, a medium for self…

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  • Directing In Performing Arts

    determine what people need to do. Controlling is about control people to do according to plan that had set. Performing arts fall into various parts, among them is theatre. Theatre is an act that had been…

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  • Katherine Dunham: African American Culture

    research, and by empowering her Illinois community through the art and outlet of dance. “As an artist, educator, anthropologist, and activist, Katherine Dunham transformed the field of twentieth-century dance” (Das). Katherine Dunham did not have an easy upbringing. Becoming a dancer, especially as an African American, was extremely difficult and it was even harder to…

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  • What Is The Purpose Of The ASB Theatre Strategic Plan

    direction for the ASB Theatre over the next five years outlining the vision, values, goals, strategies and key performance indicators necessary to achieve success. The ASB Theatre Business Plan now provides the operational details to support implementation of the ASB Theatre Strategic Plan. The next five years will prove critical to the ASB Theatre in many ways and on many levels. Firstly, this business plan will position the ASB Theatre as a central performing arts venue and community complex…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Why Dance Should Be A Sport?

    In dance, it is imperative that dancers use expression and acting. A dance should tell a story and evoke feelings in the audience without a script, just movement. It is often paired with music to enhance the dramatic aspect of dancing. Countless choreographers such as George Balanchine and Martha Graham are known for being artistic and dramatic in their movements (“Martha Graham: The Mother of Modern Dance”). Dance originated as a performance for an audience, not being judged at competitions. In…

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  • Sydney Opera House Case Study Assignment

    service. However, this assignment will be based around enterprise value creation as explained by Payne and Frow (2013, pg. 261) ways that companies add value for their customers and vice versa for their customers to add value to the company and obtaining the most value from a customer experience. An ACURA model will also be explained included, elements, concepts and examples used in the case study to understand the reasons the Sydney Opera House (2016) utilised the enterprise value concept with…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Performing Arts In Schools

    participate in performing arts programs excel more in all aspects of life. Research shows that arts education improves scholarly success. Many students use the arts as a free way to express themselves who struggle with different types of anxiety or insecurities. Cutting performing arts education will not only hurt the students, but the schools as well. Performing arts education should be equally beneficial to students, schools, and communities as sports are in public schools. Performing arts is…

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