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  • Performing Arts

    Performing arts have been around for centuries. Famous artists and creators have expressed their ideas and feelings through works of art which range from Shakespeare’s plays, to DaVinci’s paintings, to modern day photography. People, who have creative mindsets like this, have expressed themselves and learned new things through artistic outlets. In today’s society, kids all over the United States have taken advantage of the opportunities in their school to shine their artistic talents in performance arts as well as using this resource to learn other material in their curriculum. Students who have difficulty learning material in a regular classroom setting use other options such as the performing arts to help them understand materials in other classes. Unfortunately, because of the economic hardships, states have been getting lower incomes for activities in schools, which result in…

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  • Pittsburgh Performing Arts Project Report

    The Pittsburgh Performing Arts Center was founded in 1989, and has served over 150,000 young people, 30,000 teachers, and a countless number of school districts over the past 25 years. The Pittsburgh Performing Arts Center designs programs to inspire students’ artistic expression and thought through integrative experiences. Our programs adapt to fit the needs of all students ranging from kindergarten to twelfth grade. The design of our 2016 season will bring laughter, excitement, and a time to…

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  • Performing Arts Career Research Paper

    As a young child every little girl dreams of becoming a ballerina or an actress. But little do they know with the fun you have with this career comes at a cost. Performing arts can be a grueling job. Due to the competitive nature, the high risk of injury, and expenses. This job is extremely demanding it requires years of training; not many people are able to succeed in the profession. In the performing arts career connections and publicity mean a lot. This means being able to deal with doing…

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  • Performing Arts Is Useless

    Is majoring in the Performing Arts useless? Some people believe that majoring in the Arts is useless, but it is not. If the world did not have performing artist who would provide entertainment? Who would give people a laugh when they most need it? Who would be there to pull your heart strings with the most heartfelt lines and tear jerkers? The answer is no one. So let’s ask again, are the performing arts important ? The answer to that is, yes. A Performing Arts major is not useless because…

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  • Performing Arts Programs In Schools

    country, school officials are cutting the performing arts budgets and getting rid of the programs altogether. There are many different opinions and ideas about the positive and negative affects of having performing arts programs in schools, like why they should be cut or kept. Although many believe that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) programs have more benefits than performing arts programs, this is untrue because performing arts programs help students in many different areas,…

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  • Performing Art Vs Visual Art Essay

    All art forms are important to a culture because the music, the sculptures, the paintings, etc., all help form and differentiate each culture from another. Therefore, I disagree with the statement that visual artists are more important to a culture than performing artists because they create permanent work of art because both works of art can cause people to reflect on their lives, can bring enjoyment, and both can allow people to experience and interpret the art in their own way. It shouldn’t…

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  • Performing Arts Research Paper

    How does performing arts affect your mental state? Imagine if you had something to look forward to after school or work, a place where you can meet people and bond with them? Performing arts can affect you in many different ways. According to Juilette Siverstine, there are 5 different ways performing arts can benefit your child. In the article she talks about how performing arts can help your child to earn higher academic achievement, confidence and self representation skills, a medium for self…

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  • Directing In Performing Arts

    determine what people need to do. Controlling is about control people to do according to plan that had set. Performing arts fall into various parts, among them is theatre. Theatre is an act that had been…

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  • Manhattan Theatre Club Analysis

    parents throughout my high school drama club geek phase. As my parents had, most parents often fail to acknowledge the role of theatre and art in our society consequently discouraging their child from participating or appreciating a great influence in everyday life. However, performing arts has a social impact, economic impact, and educational impact. Nevertheless, my parents did not know how big of a role theatre played in my education throughout grade school up until I graduated high school.…

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  • Musical Theater Analysis

    Musical theatre is a type of art where a performance is completed by integrating various types of artistic activities, such as; dancing, singing, acting, and usually accompanied by musical instruments or any device that can produce sounds. Knowing Jakarta is a very diverse city, we have numerous types of arts and cultures that can be shown through musical theatre, we have more than enough resources to make this industry work. Through each individual activities has their benefits to those who…

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