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  • Character Essay: Making A Good Cartoon Character

    but they all have one thing in common, which is to have a strong yet weak and nice but a bit selfish character. Cartoonist tends to not make a character that is completely perfect or totally bad, they always try to balance out the bad with the good. To make a good cartoon character, you will need to think about…

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  • Characters: Monttag's Character Changes In Fahrenheit 451

    novel “Fahrenheit 451”, Montag is influenced by the characters. The characters of part 1 (Clarisse and undefined women) starts to change Montag. After he change in part 1, Montag is still influenced by the characters in part 2 and 3. Also Montag’s character change connects to the theme of humanity. The society of the novel impacts Montag gradually; he is dragged everywhere until he makes his own decision. In part 1 of the novel, characters including Clarisse and the women who burnt…

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  • Prospero Character Analysis

    “A comic protagonist is the main hero in a comic play, which is usually funny and doesn’t oppress others. This qualities of a comic protagonist does not apply to Prospero, Prospero is neither of these characteristics of a comic hero. Prospero’s dominant and tyrannical character is transgressive against the nature of comedy and a comic hero. Prospero is a puppet master, he controls the happenings on the island directly or indirectly, he either uses his capabilities or uses other characters…

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  • Character Analysis Of Boo Radley's Character In To Kill A Mockingbird

    The hidden and conserved nature of Boo Radley’s character makes his truly courageous personality even bolder in the context of the novel’s plot; when the scattered instances of his courage amount to his crucial role in saving both Jem and Scout, his malicious facade is shattered to reveal a courteous and exceptionally courageous person with a falsified reputation. His character is revealed to the audience with a very negative connotation, as his story consists of a violent past paired with…

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  • Scarlet Character Analysis

    I had to be very consistent when building my character’s identities to make them believable. I had to make it clear to my audience, why the character was acting the way they were. I also had to avoid cliches because the audience tends to see cliches as superficial. In term of my characters motivations I wanted to make my main character, Scarlet, not know how to live independently or act politely around people. Therefore, I created a situation where she was spoiled as a child. Scarlet’s…

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  • The Outsider Character Analysis

    Each book is unique and can touch each heart differently. The level of empathy we feel towards a character is mainly based on how the author has decided to portray the character and the situation. In The Outsider by S.E. Hinton, we see a boy (with the name of Ponyboy) whose group is isolated and (as the title states) the outsiders of the society. In The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time by Mark Haddon, the main character (Christopher) is also an outsider but not due to his wealth but…

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  • Bulgakov Character Analysis

    The other doppelganger in the story is Kolotkov, who Korotkov only sees through the mirror and is the complete opposite of the main character. Kolotkov is a confident man, good with women, works in a private office, has an opinion and would do anything to get what he wants. He is the one who tries to remove Korotkov, steals the documents. Kolotkov’s actions reflect on Korotkov and disturb him, he has to deal with some of the consequences, and the idea that someone is thinking about you but not…

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  • Summary Of The Characters In Railsea

    ‘Railsea’ is a story about a young doctor’s apprentice – Sham Yes ap Soorap – aboard a mole-hunting train exploring his dystopian world. Through his travels Sham finds two other characters determined to set out on an odyssey to the mysterious and controversial ‘end of the world’. All three characters develop a strong friendship as the book progresses. The story takes the reader through an amazingly creative and bizarre setting with some strange and extraordinary creatures. At the beginning of…

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  • Roxana Character Analysis

    “Roxana” Setting: The term “setting” in literature, refers to the environment or surrounding in which a story takes place. There are three major components in setting; social environment, place, and time. This paper will explore the integral setting- setting that influences theme, character, and action in a story, of Daniel Defoe’s “Roxana”. Continuing on the subject of setting, this paper will also cover how the protagonist, Roxana responds to her setting, how setting changes the character of…

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  • Charlotte's Character Analysis

    All stories or novels or fictions have to have a characteristics or elements for that story to explain or move the story with the other interesting factors. All stories or novels must have a plot or event that, where was that story took place. Characters are the story elements, which are help to move the story to the next step. It could be a person, or an animal, or an imaginary figure. It could be anything. Characters have their own development and function. Each and every character was…

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