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  • Othello Desdemona Flaws

    Before Othello went to Cyprus, Desdemona’s father accuses Othello of black magic. Othello is brought before the duke and as they wait for Desdemona, Othello explains himself about how he won Desdemona and states “… She said she loved me for the dangers I’d survived, and I love her for feeling such strong emotions about me.” (1.3.168-169). Emotions, feelings and opinions in a relationship can change fast. In any relationship, common interests should allow a couple to be much closer. Othello’s and Desdemona’s love each other but their connection is not strong. People’s feelings can change, like how Othello changed how he felt about Desdemona. Even though Iago is at fault, Othello failed to listen Desdemona. Any real couple need to trust each other. Desdemona lied to her father about getting married and this is enough for Othello to come to a conclusion that Desdemona is cheating on him since she tricked her father so easily, she could have been tricking him the whole time. This causes the break in their relationship though Desdemona does not know why Othello is acting strangely. This relationship is flawed even more because Othello makes no attempt to figure out if the claims are true or repair their relationship. In conclusion, the connection between Desdemona and Othello is weak and causes their relationship to…

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  • Desdemona Is To Blame In Shakespeare's Othello

    Iago tells Othello that Desdemona gave the handkerchief to Cassio. It is true that Cassio has the handkerchief, but it is not true that she gave it to him. Iago tried very hard to that Othello could diverce Desdemona but it didn’t work out.As Roderego said “Tush! never tell me; I take it much unkindly. That thou, Iago, who hast had my purse.As if the strings were thine, shouldst know of this (Parker)”. While Cassio and Iago was discussing about Othello secretly marries Desdemona Cassio start…

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  • Does Othello Love Desdemona

    married a girl name Desdemona who was Venician. Desdemona’s father, Brabantio and friends did not approve of their marriage. Iago tells Roderigo about Othello's marriage. Othello’s friend Iago was jealous and disloyal and tried to do anything to ruin the relationship. Iago gets Cassio drunk, watches him get into a brawl, and then tells Othello all about it. Iago wanted Cassio killed. Cassio had the lieutenant position and in spite of Iago wanting this position he plays with Othello insecurities…

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  • Othello And Desdemona Act 1 Analysis

    Othello and Desdemona by two other people by the names of Iago and Roderigo. Iago is a captain in the Venetian defence forces. He had hoped for a promotion, but Othello chose to pick Cassio in instead. Roderigo is a Venetian nobleman in love with Desdemona. In act 1 scene 1, Iago and Roderigo go to Desdemona’s house and were shouting vile and explicit phrases to Brabantio, who is Desdemona’s father. They said thing like "I am one, sir, that comes to tell you your daughter and the Moor are now…

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  • Does Othello Love Desdemona Analysis

    Brabantio after listening to his daughter's words he realizes that Othello neither kidnapped nor bewitched his daughter and on that moment he feels crushed and defeated because he had nothing to make Duke against this marriage. He cannot accept this decision of his daughter even after watching how much Desdemona loves Othello he still does not understand that how his beautiful daughter or his "jewel" refused all his paternal guidance and secretly married a man of a different race and nation.…

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  • How Does Desdemona Change In Othello

    has fallen in love with Otello’s new life, Desdemona when Otello goes to fight with the Turks. Otello’s ensign Iago promises to help Roderigo to take her. While people celebrating for Otello, Iago starts his plan to ruin Otello. He makes Cassio to drink when Iago salutes Desdemona., and then Iago provokes him to fight with Roderigo. Otello appears and mad about their behavior. When Otello realizes Desdemona has also been disrupted by their behavior, Otello dismisses everyone, and Otello and…

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  • Oliver Parker's Presentation Of Desdemona In Othello

    “She lov 'd me for the dangers I had pass 'd, And I lov 'd her that she did pity them”- William Shakespeare, Othello. Shakespeare chose to portray Desdemona as a woman with longing for adventure. He also wrote her with great loyalty and affection for those she loved. In the film, Othello, Oliver Parker takes William Shakespeare’s interruption and uses it to create the role of Desdemona. Desdemona was depicted in many important scenes in including the on in which she openly defies her father…

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  • Desdemona A Strong Female Character Analysis

    hierarchy since it was a male dominated society. The female’s roles played in these scenes were fundamentally just possessions who belonged to their husbands but yet they still loved their husbands unconditionally. One important role was the character of Desdemona, who plays a twenty-year old female who got married to Othello. Desdemona is one of the central characters in this play and many situations portray her as a strong female character; showing herself as being independent by standing up…

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  • Desdemona As A Complex Character In William Shakespeare's Othello

    Ophelia, but Shakespeare’s Desdemona is usually viewed as one-dimensional. Shakespeare’s Othello is riddled with complex characters, of which Desdemona most definitely falls in the category. Desdemona is viewed as virginal and naive, but in truth is manipulative and power hungry. It is also unknown if she truly loves Othello, as her love stems from pity. The most convincing reason Desdemona is a complex character is her growth through the play. Desdemona is a complex character, contrary to…

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  • Desdemona And Othello

    to marriage or love the person who is from a different religion. Most people suffer from forbidden love and true love. Jealousy and suspicion, Love and trust (suffer from love and trust?), Racism and accept all of these issues appear in Othello. Desdemona and Othello love each other so much that they do not even care about their racial and cultural differences. Desdemona likes to hear tales from…

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