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  • Designated Hitter Research Paper

    Baseball is not the game that you thought it was. It has not been since 1973 when the first designated hitter was used. A designated hitter does not play defense, their one and only job is to hit for the pitcher. It has made the game stray away from its roots. Many say the designated hitter has improved baseball by making it more entertaining but in reality these players are ruining the sanctity of the game because they do not follow the same rules that all of the other players have to follow. The designated hitter changes how baseball is played dramatically. It creates a divide in the fan base and is now argued over almost every day. A designated hitter can be seen to have special treatment because they do not have to be out in the field on defense as well as not having to worry about their playing time. In 1972 the first designated hitter was Larry Eugene Hisle, who batted for a pitcher apart of the Minnesota Twins in a pre-season game (Nillson). Hisle ended up hitting a home run with two runners on base as well as a grand slam in the game. A grand slam is when a batter hits a home run with runners on first, second, and third base. The designated hitter was…

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  • Hitter Rule Case Study

    MLB’s Designated Hitter Rule: Should It Stay or Should It Go? 1. Overview On April 6, 1973 Ron Blomberg of the New York Yankees stepped up to the plate to hit on an opening day game at Fenway Park against the Boston Red Sox. So began the now 43 year debate over the designated hitter (DH) rule. Major League Baseball’s (MLB) “Official Baseball Rules” state in part: (a) (6.10(b)) The Designated Hitter Rule provides as follows: (1) A hitter may be designated to bat for the starting pitcher and all…

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  • David Ortiz Thesis

    Due to the sports’ tendency to summarize itself into an alphabet soup of statistics, (RBIs, BBs, Ks, WAR, etc.) a player’s career ends up boiled down to little more than the numbers produced before retirement. In a vacuum, Ortiz’ numbers aren't poor; ranking 32nd, 10th, and 17th in total bases, doubles, and home runs hit all time, as well as near the top in many other ways to rank a hitter’s prowess (Baseball Ref: Leaders.) His numbers in fact, compare favorably to another player considered one…

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  • Trauma In Sports

    The game of baseball has been played since the 1800’s, and still today, the game is affected by the injuries that present itself in the game. This sport is still widely played around the world and is one of the most popular sports in history. Even though it is hard to believe, baseball has become a major tradition for a lot of people. Families all across the globe enjoy the sweet entertainment of watching their favorite sport team or favorite sport player. Some people are so obsessed with his or…

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  • Informative Essay: The Rules Of Baseball

    Baseball By: Daymian Did you know that there are many things to baseball? Here are some reasons about baseball, there are rules, equipment, positions you can play, famous players, and what the field looks like. Some people like Derek Jeter have retired because they got too old to play. Did you know that baseball has been around since the 1900s. Here are many facts about Baseball. There are Rules In order to play baseball you need to know…

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  • Football Vs. Baseball

    Sports are a common alternative to escape from everyday life and clear your mind. Although football and baseball are two totally different sports they tend to have some similarities. They can range from minor to drastic similarities or differences. These two sports are some of the most famous major leagues sports. Baseball differs from football in a variety of ways. One of the major ways are that baseball is played on a baseball field made of dirt and grass. Another difference is that baseball…

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  • Compare And Contrast Essay: Baseball Vs. Softball

    Cross Bloom Composition 1 Mrs. Rowles April 21, 2017 Baseball vs. Softball Baseball and Softball have many fans in each of the sports. Many players prefer to play one or the other but never both games. Baseball and softball can be very similar in various ways, but they have many differences as well. In both baseball and softball the games are enjoyed about the world, but in many different ways. The speed of the two games and how they are played, the rules for each game, and the different…

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  • Argumentative Analysis Of Moneyball

    After watching Moneyball and reading the articles, I think that statistical analysis hinders the fun of sports. I feel that sports are not always about the statistics; I feel it is about the players. Because you could be the worst batter but then be the best fielder on your team. I feel numbers are just numbers they change all the time so I personally don’t think you can see how good an athlete is by statistics. Just like one of the guys said at the end of the movie that hit home and took the…

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  • Softball Benefits

    I do enjoy playing softball because it help you to clear your mind of other things. I also believe that this sport could be beneficial to others if they struggle with balance or hand-eye coordination. Recreational hobbies aren’t always sports or physical related. A couple of examples of other hobbies are weaving baskets, knitting, or even being a debater. These other hobbies could benefit you in ways like being able to have quick hands when typing or even just life skills for the future. Hobbies…

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  • Hoffman Strengths And Weaknesses

    Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender. That is strength.” This Was once said by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Wyatt Hoffman’s mentality is like a Emperor penguin no matter how harsh the conditions are he perseveres day in and day out this is the mentality that he has when he goes through any workout or sport. Every day in any conditions. Wyatt Hoffman has to be able to conquer live challenges like school…

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