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  • Desmond Doss Stereotypes

    Desmond Doss, a World War II Medic, became the first conscientious objector to become famous and earn a medal of honor. He saved men, on the historic Hacksaw Ridge, by lowering down dozens of wounded soldiers with no gun to protect him from the Japanese. His story has begun to spread worldwide and Hollywood has made a motion picture, Hacksaw Ridge, about his impressive story. The film, Hacksaw Ridge, portrays the life of Desmond Doss accurate through violent war scenes, his kind country personality, and sticks to real life occurrences. The violentness of war has soldiers left with post traumatic stress disorder and life traumatizing events and the screenplay has done a true depiction of Hacksaw Ridge. While researching and planning the…

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  • Corporal Desmond Thomas Doss's Life

    will never leave a fallen comrade. This is the ethos that Corporal Desmond Thomas Doss lived by every day. He lived up to the Army’s Warrior Ethos and the core Army values and did not deviate from those even though his religious beliefs forbade him from carrying a weapon or killing another even in combat. Doss refused a section 8 discharge and consequently became a combat medic in the 77th infantry division. This is where PFC. Doss will face the most difficult challenges of his life as he…

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  • Desmond Doss: A True Hero

    Desmond Doss shows he’s a hero for his heroic action in Okinawa. Doss is man from lynchburg, Virginia (west). His mother raised him as a devout seventh day adventist. Desmond Doss deserves the status of a hero because he saved 75 men, never touched a gun and never gave up. Desmond Doss shows that he is a hero when he saved 75 men (American and Japanese). When he was in the battlefield the Japanese attacked his 77th Infantry by surprise. Instead of fleeing. He would lower them one-by-one with a…

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  • Desmond Doss: A Tragic Hero

    Heros are leaders who are caring, brave, and honorable. A hero is an ordinary person with enough dedication to do extraordinary actions. Heros put others needs before their own. These individuals leave their mark on society by doing memorable things nobody will forget. Desmond Doss is an unquestionable hero for committing one of the most courageous acts of World War II. This hero lived like a routine American, but one day his life would drastically change. Desmond was born February 7, 1919 in…

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  • Dave Brrubeck Take 5 Analysis

    The Dave Brubeck Quartet, comprised of Brubeck on the piano, Paul Desmond on the alto saxophone, Eugene Wright on the bass, and Joe Morello on the drums, released the album Time Out in 1959 (Time Out). Even on the first listen, one can see how revolutionary this work would soon become. Opening with “Blue Rondo A La Turk,” Brubeck’s Quartet immediately presents a rhythmic, swingin’ tune featuring 9/8 time. “Kathy’s Waltz” explores polyrhythm and “Take Five,” arguably the band’s “titular” work…

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  • Rainbow Nation Argumentative Essay

    Through this term, newly elected President Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu encouraged people to embrace all races and backgrounds of people. Nevertheless, they recognized these distinguishing features as a unique and rare opportunity for unity. Mandela’s vision to live in a society where one’s ethnicity and nationality would not be qualifying merits for respect, and humane treatment was not void of difficulties. Notably, in his autobiography Long Walk to Freedom, he details the…

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  • Martin Luther King And Desmond Tutu's No Future Without Forgiveness?

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Desmond Tutu hold different beliefs on how to achieve justice for all. In his letter, “Letter From A Birmingham Jail”, Martin Luther King, Jr. implies that the nonviolent method is the ideal strategy to gain justice for all. On the other hand, Desmond Tutu, in the excerpt, No Future without Forgiveness, claims that forgiveness is the way to achieve justice for all because it helps create a better future. While both methods are uniquely effective, Dr. King’s…

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  • Desmond Tutu: Ubuntu's Struggle For Freedom

    Desmond Tutu was a freedom fighter with a big goal at the end of the apartheid era; to reconcile the country through the influence of Ubuntu. This topic was selected because today black South Africans are still facing the horrors of apartheid, despite its ending in the 1990s. Desmond Tutu is a freedom fighter who still living, he has recently worked to bring equality to South Africa. Tutu 's efforts to reconcile the country are relevant today, since he uncovered the truth behind the injustice…

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  • Paul Simon Graceland Controversy Analysis

    on the good in our lives holds us as prisoners and no one would be able to move on. Therefore, Bishop Tutu says that accepting the concept of Restorative Justice is the only means of restoring relationships since humans need interdependence. The Truth and Reconciliation Commissions (TRC) was established to give South Africans the opportunity to speak about the truth of how their human rights were violated during the time of apartheid. In doing so, this was to help resolve conflict from the…

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  • Nelson Mandela Ethical Leadership Essay

    Literature review Nelson Mandela was a South African leader. He succeeded to end apartheid and with the African National Congress (ANC), he was the first one who won the presidential election with black-African origin. Thus, Mandela received the Nobel Prize for Peace (Britannica, 2016). 27 years as a strong-willed prisoner (Shriberg and Shriberg, 2011, p. ) improved his personal development of forgiveness for his rivals, formed his strength and established supplementary leadership skills like…

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