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  • Essay On Detroit

    Detroit is the largest city on the border of Canada and the United States. It has a metropolitan area which has a population of over 5 million people. It is the second largest city in the Mid West after Chicago. It lies on the banks of the Detroit River. The city holds around half of the population of the Michigan State and is an important economy in the region. Detroit is close to the Great Lakes of the Michigan State. The modern city was founded by the French adventurer Antoine Cadillac. The city truly gained prominence with the arrival of the automotive industry which was all based around the city. Detroit is an industrial city and therefore has suffered a major decline in the last decade or so. The fall of auto industry has been detrimental for the city. Detroit now is founding new…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Visit To Detroit

    to avoid writing more essays like this, I went on a vacation to Michigan with my mother and two siblings. We visited South Haven, a pleasant port city on Lake Michigan’s east coast, and Detroit, the famous largest city in Michigan. These areas interest me because there’s plenty to do; there are amazing restaurants, breath-taking scenery, and family-friendly, inexpensive entertainment. South Haven is famed for its relaxed atmosphere and homely feel. The city is almost seventeen times smaller…

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  • Detroit City Is The Place To Be Analysis

    There were a lot of information that jump of the pages of Mark Binelli’s novel “Detroit City is the Place to Be”. The author introduce the readers to his native land; the history and good and bad eras. In 1900’s Henry Ford had a bright idea to bring a majority manufacture of the automobile to the Detroit city area. Exploring through the eyes of the writer, Detroit city has been identified as the motor city for its automobile factories (Ford, Chrysler, and General Motor ); sport teams such…

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  • Detroit, Michigan Case Study

    Introduction Detroit, Michigan is a unique city boasting of an iconic past, a gloomy present, and a potentially bright future. Once one of America’s largest and most thriving cities because of professional opportunities in the automotive industry, Detroit fell to devastating lows after the loss of thousands of jobs from Ford Motor, General Motors, and Chrysler. Detroit is the 18th overall most populated city in the United States, the largest city in the State of Michigan, and recently became the…

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  • Case Study: The Criminalization Of Detroit

    1. After what had happened to Detroit, is it ever possible for the city to make a comeback? Detroit has gone through so much devastation and is starting to slowly improve, are the small improvements enough to be maintained? 2. The Criminalization of Urban Space and the mass incarcerations of black citizens and citizens in general, if this did not work then how can legislators pose a real solution that can benefit the city of Detroit? 3. Based on the effects that had happened Detroit loss more…

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  • Brief Summary: The Purple Gang In Detroit

    The Purple Gang in Detroit History During the liquor prohibition in Detroit which happened from 1920-1933. As a result of Michigan passing a law and adopting the Damon Act that banned liquor from being sold and consumed in the town, organized crime began taking shape during this era as Jewish gangsters controlled the underworld of the American society (Kavieff, 20). The Purple Gang was led by one of four brothers by the name of Abe Bernstein and it was formed by young Jewish immigrants as a…

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  • Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation: Case Study

    Introduction The Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (DESC is a workforce solution group for the city of Detroit which stems from Michigan Works!. This organization aids employers in the City of Detroit, with finding potential employees and job seekers to hire. DESC receives its funding from the federal government. Funds received from the federal government can only be used for programs and initiatives that are outlined by the Office of Management and Budget.…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Detroit Red Wings

    “Good afternoon hockey fans, Im Doc Emrick beside Eddie Olczyk, we are here in Detroit Michigan at Joe Louis Arena! We have a good game coming, San Jose Sharks vs. Detroit Red Wings game 7 of the 2016 Stanley Cup Finals”. “Yeah Doc, this has been a tough series, very physical game play by these two teams, we've seen stats we have never seen before in the cup finals, each team is averaging 60 shots on goal a game, that is insane!” “Thanks Eddie, now we go to center ice for the puck drop.” …

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  • Essay On Campus Martius

    Campus Martius: Where are we going? Campus Martius is an important gathering place in the heart of Detroit. More importantly, it is the signature place for Detroit’s major events. Detroit Free Press writer Zlati Meyer states that Campus Martius helps revitalize the city of Detroit by getting people outside and enjoying their city and generating new business, restaurants and cafes (Meyer). With the park undergoing constant renovations such as adding new street side restaurants and creating new…

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  • Outsourcing In America Essay

    the effect on cities that depend on a certain business to survive a perfect example would the city of Detroit, which was once a famous city known to be the birthplace of GM Motors but soon changed with the movement of GM motors in Mexico, which caused a loss of jobs, causing many people to leave the city in order to find work also it left many people homeless since without a job many people lost their only source of income. Meaning many people did not have money to pay their rent, leaving them…

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