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  • Renault Duster Case Study

    In-depth Interviews Kamal Kumar Product Manager, Kotak Had Renault Duster in consideration set but did not buy Like everyone I was waiting for the Duster to come out. I seemed to be ahead of it trend. I was looking for a change from Corolla to something new. But when the prices came out I was put off to see the top end going in 13lakhs. In respect to exterior, it is quite acceptable. The wheel arches make it look wider, but it is not so from inside. The quality of door handle is really plasticity, which does not look good, and would not last long. From behind it looks more like a military vehicle which was another shortcoming of the design. The interiors are very economical. I will not say cheap but the quality of plastic is just above average.…

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  • Differences Of Renault And Nissan

    Carlos Ghosn, CEO and President of Renault and Nissan, in an interview said the challenges and problems of the alliance and its multi-culture is that "if the culture is not considered then that organisation is doomed to fail". He felt the dignity of the people must be respected since humans are the greatest asset of an organisation. He is quoted as saying "cross-cultural exchange is an integral part of basic sustainable performance" (MENDENHALL, 2005) the alliance of Renault and Nissan took into…

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  • Return To Night By Mary Renault

    The author of historical novel about ancient civilizations Mary Renault was born on September 4, 1905. She was born Eileen Mary Challans using Renault as a pen name. It was at the young age of eight she decided that she wanted to be a writer. She went to Oxford and studied medieval history. She used her knowledge of the era as the background for her first novel but unfortunately her first try was unsuccessful and after many rejections she tossed away her first effort. During WW I she worked…

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  • Marketing Case Study: Dacia Renault

    5.6 Dacia Renault company strategy The Renault Group is presenting in 118 countries and functioning in five major regions: Europe, Euromed, Russia, Asia, Africa and the Americas. The Renault Group now has more than 129,000 employees, who are working in 139 industrial sites. With regards to the environmental protection, all those industrial sites have ISO 14001 certification. Renault owns three brands: Renault, Samsung and Dacia, the Group design and produce personal vehicles and commercial…

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  • Ghosn-Nissan Case Study

    carmakers walked away from talks to it, they refused to give a hand or make any kind of relationship with it, they all can see the problem of Nissan, it was the huge overheads, compared with other famous carmakers, Nissan has too many plants working with minimum capacity, too many car platforms, too many suppliers, too many dealers, at first glance it look an easy problem from western point of view but actually in Japan its protected by Keiretsu; it is a set of companies with interlocking…

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  • Ford Motor Company Case Analysis

    its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan and is the largest employer in the area. The Company and founder, are well known for their gift to industry; the development of a more effective and efficient assembly line process. In 1904 the company went international expanding into Canada. Today the company continues to explore new and exciting ways to improve their product and their production methods as well as explore new and exciting markets. Ford is a pioneer in the industry and continues to expand…

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  • Analysis Of Porter's Five Forces Automobile Industry

    product are similar in market. Automobile industry Malaysia environment In year 2015, the total industry volume (TIV) in Malaysia automobile industry was dropped from 666,466 unit to 665,295 unit compare with same period in 2014. Type 2014 2015 Cars 457,550 448,302 SUV - 55,862 4x4/SUV 30,817 - MPV 94,269 80,150 Pickup 53,607 50,166 Light Trucks - 14,394 Van - 8,026 Window Van 5,705 - Panel Van 4,551 - Trucks 17,341 - Prime mover 1,668 - Buses 957 - N/A - 8,395 Malaysia Total 666,465 665,295 …

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  • Persuasive Essay On Electric Cars

    The markings begin to deploy technologies that had saved years in the chamber to deal with a situation certainly predictable. The current situation makes it clear that the power from traction batteries has imposed on other solutions such as gas, panels solar or biomass fuels. The reason? This is probably the least solution will change the concept car as we understand it today. "With the speed at which technology advances on batteries, the autonomy and performance of a car in a few years Electric…

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  • Ghosn Leadership Essay

    Carols Ghosn has had an amazing career as he moved up the career ladder from Michelin to Renault to Renault-Nissan. Specifically, he became a formal leader or CEO, which is authority given to an individuals based on their hierarchical position within the firm (Spector, 2013, p. 153). But just because someone has the title, does not mean that they are efficient or effective as leaders. The following essay will discuss the strengths and weakness of Mr. Ghosn approach to change leadership at…

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  • Ferrari Case Study: Ferrari

    Their competitor’s embraced new developments in aerodynamics and the use of composite materials emerged from the UK’s motorsport valley, an area west, north and south of England where major British F1 teams were located. Ferrari chose to manufacture their engines and chasis personally, unlike their competitors, who bought their engines from specialist suppliers like Cosworth, Renault, Honda and Porsche and focused their expertise on the design and developments of the chassis. To perfect their…

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