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  • Comparing The Modern Museum And The New Museum

    The New Museum is located in the Lower East Side on Bowery and opened its doors in 2007 after expanding and relocating from its previous home in SoHo. Likewise, the Whitney by Renzo Piano Workshop was the result of a need of expansion that saw the museum vacate its old largely residential neighborhood in the Upper East Side and into the Meatpacking District neighborhood of Lower Manhattan on Gansevoort Street in 2015. The neighborhoods that these buildings reside in are important because in a way they help dictate the type of building the museums came out to be. Bowery was an area with mostly small and mid-scale buildings but the neighborhood itself was gritty back in 2002 when SANAA received the commission. So immediately the site and context dictated the physicality of the building in size and height. Renzo Piano almost had the opposite predicament in 2007 when he landed his commission; the previous Whitney’s efforts at expansion were thwarted by among other things the neighborhood in which it was in, residents and preservationists kept it at a stalemate. The Meatpacking District is mostly commercial and while that broadened the potential of the new building its exact location, sandwiched between the Hudson River and the Highline…

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  • The Shard Case

    A. Read the following text and answer the questions that follow. New building, New Name The Shard, formerly referred to as the London Bridge Tower, is a 95-storey skyscraper in Southward, London. The Shard is currently the 87th tallest building in the world, the second tallest building in the United Kingdom, and the fourth tallest building in Europe. The structure became known as The Shard, after negative criticism that stated that the building is "a shard of glass through the heart of…

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  • The New Museum Essay

    museum as well as offers one something unique and spectacular. Henceforth, some of the best museums in the world are located in New York, modern museums are everywhere. Two examples of the most famous museums located in New York are the New Museum and the New Whitney Museum of American Art, each one has a different function, flow and form. Being that both museums are very different, the New Whitney Museum of American Art has a more sculptural form than the New Museum, which allows it to…

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  • I Am Chiwii's Epic Story: The Odd Pickle Family

    “What the heck are you?” Billy Radish asked. “I’m of the Pickle family. I…just look different.” He replied with a frown. “No you’re a disgrace!” Billy announced as he hit the Odd Pickle. The odd pickle was born like a normal pickle, he just came out differently. He looks nothing like a pickle. Oh, I did not properly introduce myself. I am Brennen, and I am also, the Lord of Fridge. I will let our epic hero tell his epic story. I am Chiwii, also the Odd Pickle. I am of the Pickle family, son of…

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  • Choppin Piano Sonata No 2 Analysis

    Introduction One of the most remarkable composers of the nineteenth century, Chopin composed exclusively for the piano and his music is innovative with a particular repertoire of technical and expressive devices. His musical style can be described as unique because of his variety and complexity of compositional techniques. The Piano Sonata Op.35 No.2 is an illustration of Chopin’s musical style where he explores several elements found in the nineteenth century music such as the “idea of…

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  • Classical Music Vs Modern Music Essay

    did what he felt and wanted, with his unique personality came his unique composed music. After Beethoven music changed to become more expressive and deep with emotions and that's all inspired from Beethoven breaking the rules of music. Romantic Era was time to experience new idea and styles like increase in parts for brass, winds and percussion and the blending between brass and woodwinds with strings. The shift into blending and arranging different instruments became the trend. And to be…

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  • Mozart Concert Review

    strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion, with the exception of the piano. The number of beats per measure is four with a value of four in the first movement. The first movement is played fast at allegro and slow at the sametime, adagio, with the sound moderate at mezzo-forte. Along with the fast melody and rhythm, it gives a sense of wonder that catches the audience’s attention. The movement is slightly aggressive, but at the same time with moderate sounds with increase of sound overtime. The…

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  • Summertime Song Analysis

    According to Floyd, “summertime” was the opening song written by George Gershwin for his folk opera porgy and Bess in 1935 which was an easy lullaby (218). Summertime was an aria and it is somewhat attributed to Ira Gershwin. The song became a well-liked hit and to a great extent recorded jazz standard and its lyrics written by Dubose Heyward who is the author of novel porgy. This song was been labeled as on the classics by many and to a large extent a xenophobic minstrel by others. Regardless…

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  • Reflection Of Weep No More By David N. Childs

    For this final project, several classmates and I have assembled an eight-part vocal ensemble, accompanied by a pianist. We have chosen a piece that also has eight-parts, to add variety and layers on the basis of each vocal part. This piece we are performing as an ensemble is titled “Weep No More,” arranged and composed by David N. Childs, and adapted from a poem by John Keats. David N. Childs is a well-known freelance composer of music, with his ideology being, “music has the power to transform…

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  • Streetcar Named Desire Opening Scene Analysis

    1. What mood do the opening stage direction and setting description create? What effect is created with the music of the “blue piano”? The opening stage direction and setting description create a calm and soothing mood of the town. I felt a mood of soothing when the text stated, “You can almost feel the warm breath of the brown river beyond the river warehouses with their faint redolences of banana and coffee. This illustrates how the atmosphere of Elysian fields is pleasant and peaceful due to…

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