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  • Orchestra Compensation

    The pay levels within an orchestra vary quite a bit in terms of compensation for instrument. Orchestra performers all play the same role. Performers who are experienced with an instrument, rather in front of a live audience or not, are needed for their ability to play specific instruments for entertainment to those who wish to hear their talent. Performance per instrument appears to be on a need basis. A violin concert master is compensated with a fee of $6,970. Low on the totem pole is of performers is Violin II, who receives a compensation of $1,178. Obviously, the concert master is going to receive more pay than a general violist. However, what does that say about those who are violinists and their pay ranges from $2,899-$1178? They are…

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  • Essay On Orchestra

    In today’s society we are easily accompanied by a band and less by an orchestra. Many people believes that a band and an orchestra is merely alike. This assumption is due to similar musical instruments, but in all reality an orchestra is a more advanced and diverse group with a very different sound. This specific group gives off the sound of classical music and is usually performed at a concert or a classical event. The orchestra deprived its name from the Greek word "orcheisthai," which means…

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  • Orchestra Experience

    Friedrich Nietzsche, himself an ardent lover of music, felt that, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” In my life’s experience, however, some music is a kind of mistake. This sentiment was born out of my four unfortunate years as an orchestral cellist in Manlius Pebble Hill’s small, uninspired school orchestra. Fortunately for me, however, a superior artistic experience existed close by. At the urging of my private instructor I decided to audition for the Syracuse Youth Symphony Orchestra…

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  • Orchestra Observation

    The Band and Orchestra room is to the left in the hallway and is filled with lockers, instructional pieces, and instruments. The first instrument I see when I enter the room is a wooden piano. The conductors chair is an old office chair that worn down so we can see the padding inside of it. Looking around the room I see many lockers ranging from small to large depending what is inside them. Each locker is completed with a metal door that resembles a jail door. The room has three short floor…

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  • London Symphony Orchestra Essay

    London Symphony Orchestra The London Symphony Orchestra has a reputation as one of the most acclaimed orchestras in the world. Its long history spans over a century and features the works of many admired figures in the music industry. The concert they gave on May 24th, 2015 featured violinist Christian Tetzlaff and the London Symphony Chorus. It was a part of the LSO International Violin Festival; this festival showcases twelve world-renowned violinists. Orchestral music is still a part of…

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  • Dallas Symphony Orchestra Analysis

    On Sunday, June 21st, I went to see the Dallas Symphony Orchestra perform “The Music of John Williams and Hollywood’s Great Composers” at Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco. The concert was held in the church’s worship room at 6:30pm. This was a great place for the DSO to perform because the audience and the orchestra were very close and, in a way, felt more personal. The show included fourteen pieces: “Overture to Captain Blood by Korngold, ‘Tara’ – A Short Poem for Orchestra from Gone with…

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  • Orchestra Concert Report

    30th, I attended a live performance by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Jacek Kaspszyk as a part of their 2016 U.S. tour. When I walked into the concert hall, there was an electric atmosphere as a crowd of people was waiting in anticipation to find their seats and settle down to enjoy the show. In order to have a better idea of what I was about to experience, I read the playbill that explained how the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra is the premiere musical institution of Poland.…

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  • Orchestra Pay Structure Analysis

    flute makes $1,455. This is definitely a hierarchical job structure because multiple layers of pay exist along with significant differences in pay. This pay structure for the orchestra also suggests that pay differential is based on experience because the have the same knowledge of the particular instruments and have the skills to play them, so the only missing denominator that sets them apart would be years of experience that they each…

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  • Orchestra Concert Review Essay

    During my ongoing business conference to Colorado to learn about future career opportunities for my dual degrees in Communication design and Computer Science, I got to attend an orchestra concert presented by the Hapless Heroes who were conducted by Leslie Stewart. The show was musical theatre where they had a live orchestra playing in front of the stage while the actors explained the Greek tale of Orpheus and Eurydice. I attended this amazing show on the 4th of December. I love learning about…

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  • Orchestra Concert Report Sample

    On Tuesday, September 29, 2015, I attended a student ensemble orchestra concert at UTSA called "The Natural Realm". It was a free concert that took place in UTSA 's recital hall, which is located in their art building. The recital hall was a good sized room, not to big or small. It started at 7:30 p.m. and ended around 8:40. The orchestra concert was conducted by Eugene Dowdy, a music professor and director of orchestral studies and conducting at UTSA. It was a tremendous performance filled…

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