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  • Concert Reflection Paper

    then came right back to the calmness. It was clear to hear the form of ABA or ternary form in the piece. The first section was the peaceful section, which was pleasing to the ear. The next section, B, was more tense which became suddenly louder, but then returns to the sense of peace. The piece that I was most impressed with was “Spiral” for Three Cellos. Before they began, one girl gave some background about the piece that I found extremely interesting. She stated that the piece was originally written for one cello, while later it was…

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  • Johannes Brahms Symphony 2 Analysis

    The change in melody is drastic. The first transition area starts with a D major chord in m. 44, firmly establishing home key. The melody in the transition starts in the first violins in m. 44. This melody contains a lower neighbor motif, moving from an A5 down a half-step to a G#5 back up a half-step to a A5 before descending in an arpeggio, then ascending up to D6, and then moving back down stepwise in a turning motif. The lower neighbor motif was first presented in the Primary area in mm. 1-2…

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  • Taking A Look At A Jazz Concert

    took place in Oakland on Friday October 2, 2015. I saw a performance by The Lost Trio + The Empty Cage Quartet at studio grande. The location where it was held was much more inmate space then I was expecting there to be. It was not too fancy and there was a medium to small crowd there, not like one you would see in a symphony. It was a more informal setting, jazz is a more relaxing and casual form of music, unlike other type of music that gives off a more formal atmosphere. There was a quartet…

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  • Butterfly Lovers Violin Concert Analysis

    River and gently plays out the theme of love with high,low and gyral music shown below: After this section, lively ‘development’ section comes, alternating with violin solo and the whole orchestra interpreting their joyful days in school (refers to the Chinese folktale – Liang-Zhu). The violin solo and the answer of cello are like the two people meeting and talking where the music is happy and delightful. The movement ends with a ‘recapitulation’ with changes to a slower tempo interpreting…

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  • Functionalism

    are vastly over scaled so that they read from the street and provide the proper visual termination to the upward movement. Such an achievement in height, of course, was based on the exploratory work of Jenney, Adler, and Sullivan, but the monumental impulse was much different from that in Chicago’ Melnikov in his work not only has overdrawn with classical traditions of architecture but also protested against the machine aesthetic of Le Corbusier and has expressed that into a much more…

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  • Summary Of Stewart Lewis's You Have Seven Messages

    and showed that very much throughout the book. Jules also tried to protect Luna from the truth about her mother this only caused Luna to be even more mad at him though. Another main character is Oliver he is the boy that plays the cello and lives across the street. He had curly reddish blonde hair that Luna adors. Oliver is a good kid he plays the cello well enough to have a concert in France and is just a well rounded kid. One problem with Oliver is that his father is very insistent that he…

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  • Chamber Music Concert Performance

    Beethoven, again only introduced the first movement: I. Allegro Moderato. Dr. Yu-Mei Huang (violin), Brendan Townsend (cello), and Dr. Fritz Gechter (piano), were an all absolutely outstanding trio and show cased a beautiful composition of Chamber Music. As being recognized as a student of Dr. Huang’s, it is a great honor to watch her play, the perfect pitch of the notes she plays are so pleasing to hear and her bow stroke is like watching a napkin tied to a string gracefully flying in the air.…

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  • The Suzuki Method

    The idea of a String Methods class in undergraduate study is to explore the different approaches that happen around the world. There will be some methods more renowned than others, and of course, those will prevail and outshine the rest. However, this class will go into specific details of the classical instruments like Violin, Viola, Cello, and String Bass and how they are used throughout these String Methods. Consequently, these string instruments play a huge role in the music world around us;…

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  • Cello Instrument

    Cello is one of the instruments in strings family. Some of the performance cello were used as a solo instrument or in the ensemble playing. Moreover, this instrument used bass clef but it can be read use treble clef or tenor clef. In Italian, the first name for cello is violoncello. The physical part of the cello same as violin and viola (Liu, 2011). The instruments having a place with the violin family created from the viola da braccio somewhere around 1520 and 1550 in Upper Italy. Cello…

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  • Bull Guitar History

    Like the bass and cello of today, violas da gamba were played downward, supported at the knees or the ankles: the term “da gamba” meaning “played at the leg”. Early viols had a varied number of strings, usually five or six, and were constructed with a basic fiddle outline: sloping shoulders, deep ribs, and functional bouts that provided clearance for the bow. Their bellies were gently arched with C shaped sound holes and the flat backs sloped in toward the neck (Fig 2). The thick, round neck…

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