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  • Aesthetic Meaning

    Aesthetics have come to have a different meaning to me since I first enrolled in the class. I have come to think of the advancements we have made on the topic mind-blowing. I think every philosophy we have looked at has held a truth. Schiller says it is nature that equipped man with the ability to move from what is real to what is not. Nature provided man with two senses to help them create; sight and hearing. Once someone can enjoy sight he is aesthetically free. The power of sight gives one the ability to distinguish the image from an object. Appearance becomes an aesthetic value because of its separation from the object itself. One lets their experience influence their ideas of what their existence is. This existence is separate from…

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  • Aesthetic Definition Essay

    Aesthetic value can be defined as the sensation or feeling of enjoying beauty. For example, when we see a good piece of art in an exhibition, we feel like appreciating that particular art and artist as we find that art a beautiful one. That feeling specifically can be referred to as aesthetic value. Every human will have the value of aesthetics or aesthetic sense that one get to enjoy whatever he/she sees in her daily life. The joy of enjoying beauty gives some kind of pleasure. “Beauty depends…

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  • My Passion For Aesthetics

    into a victim of the system. Going from “special education” classes to rigorous courses, I improved academically. Then focusing my energy into aesthetics and positively affecting the community, I established myself as a person with passion for progress. Mainstream America’s values of “common sense” paint a vivid picture of an ideal citizen, a “good” family and success. People adopt a hunger to attain this ideal. Greed and insecurity becomes the fuel to feed the scarcity they feel inside imposed…

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  • St. Augustine Aesthetics

    This paper reviews the concepts of Aesthetic philosophers and how their theories developed new standards of Aesthetics from the Classical Greek Era, to the Modern Era. The first section of this text describes the philosophers perspectives of Aesthetics during each era, an explanation as to what the philosophers concepts mean, and a possible example or reference to modern society. The second section of this text compares and contrasts the philosophers that have been discussed in this text. …

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  • Quaker Aesthetic Analysis

    Analysis of the Plainness of the Quaker Aesthetic: The Artistic Resolution of the Inward Light and the Material World The major focus of the Quaker aesthetic will be defined through the conflicting expression of art as a form of “plainness” in the spiritual building of the material world. The spiritual process of artistic expression in the Quaker community was based on the conflict of spiritual principles, which sought to minimize the corruption and debasement of the material world. This…

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  • George Dicki's Theory Of Aesthetics

    Aesthetic Attitude According to the thinkers who deals with the subjective approach to the problems of aesthetics, aesthetic experience deals with our attitude or how we make-up our mental consciousness to suit ourselves. According to these thinkers, the object that we see it is not considered to be aesthetic but it is the attitude in which we perceive it and the capacity to make a dedicated observation which enables the mind to obtain these aesthetic experiences that matters. Jerome Stolnitz,…

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  • Barbell's Aesthetics Class Analysis

    Often people go through life without analyzing objects. Most of us live life just doing the same old cycle of things but never stop to appreciate the beauty and emotion that an object can bring. This same thing happened to me until realizing the beauty of something so simple. A barbell. Not something commonly known to be considered “beautiful.” But throughout our Aesthetics class we have mentioned many different theories and many different philosophers and artists takes on those theories. …

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  • Aesthetics Sublime In Burtynsky's Bitumen

    Sublime Industry and Risky Aesthetics: A Comparison of Edward Burtynsky’s OIL and Karen Solie’s “Bitumen” Karen Solie’s poem “Bitumen” (2015) and Edward Burtynsky’s photography collection OIL (2009) both question the adequacy of sublime aesthetics as a representational mode for depicting the effects of industry. I will explore how the oil industry is represented as sublime in Burtynsky’s OIL and the critical and ironic distance this representation requires. Informing this will be historical…

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  • The Shortcomings Of George Dickie's Art And Aesthetic: What Is Art?

    In George Dickie’s Art and Aesthetic: An Institutional Analysis, he sets out to define art by first explaining what it means for art to be part of an institution, part of the “artworld”. For example, the film industry can be viewed as an art institution. What the filmmaker provides is art, and it is art because it exists within that institution of filmmaking, and that institution exists because it is an “established practice” by not only the filmmaker but as well as the actors, film critics,…

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  • Black Aesthetics

    Africana Studies at California State University, which focuses on evolving African thought and practice. Black aesthetic can be defined in various ways. Hoyt Fuller, Larry Neal, Mari Evans, Haki Madhubuti, John Killens, Amiri Barka and many others discussed and defined the word “black aesthetic”. Neal posed…

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