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  • Mainstream And Mainstream Social Psychology

    important approaches are two: psychological social psychology (PSP) and sociological social psychology (SSP). The first one is focused on the individual and in the innate determinants of the social behaviour (individuo-centred approach). On the other hand, the second one emphasises the social dimension to the experience, and it is more concerned about the large human collectivities and the cultural determinants of the social behaviour (socio-centre approach). While mainstream social psychology has its roots in PSP, critical social psychology has its roots in the SSP. Both study the same topics from a point of view. Social Psychology rests on three pillars: methodology, ideology and social world. It is there where they are found the main differences between mainstream and critical social psychology. In the next paragraphs, these differences are…

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  • What Is Social Media Polarization

    Polarization of Political Views Now that the 2016 Presidential Campaign has concluded, did mainstream media polarize the American people? The answer is a very obvious yes. When it comes to the topic of the media and politics, most of us will readily agree that mainstream media has significantly polarized our political perception. Overtime, mainstream media has become increasingly popular. The internet introduced us to a vast amount of political news articles and social networking websites.…

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  • Hillary's Argumentative Essay: The Collapse Of America

    acknowledge her awesome virility. It’s because she’s a woman, isn’t it? WHY WILL YOU NOT CONCEDE HER GREAT STRENGTH AND POWER! But wait, when this human petri dish cavorted with a child in the least-spontaneous “spontaneous” photo op in the history of photo ops – “Agent Smith, there’s a kid running out toward Cankles One, but she’s so gosh darn adorable that I’m going to just chill, over” – didn’t that imagery reinforce that Hillary was not sick? Can’t these hacks even get their bogus…

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  • The Post-Network Era

    found in the show Broad City. Historically, the media’s representation of women often includes overly attractive female characters that act subdued, well-mannered and “lady-like.” Broad City features two female leads that are the exact opposite of this kind of representation. The main characters Abbi and Ilana are two normal looking girls who are often seen cursing, swearing, doing illegal drugs, and other obscene activities. The two main actresses are also the writers and creators of the show,…

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  • Popular Culture And Pop Culture

    Sociology is not only a study of diversification or shared characteristic among individuals, but it is a scientific study of society, and human behavior. it examines the patterns of social relationships, social interaction, culture, and how these factors elicit responses. Pop culture is a culture found in an extensive society of individuals. Popular culture is the entirety of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, images, and other phenomena that are within the mainstream of a given culture. They share…

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  • Essay On The Mammy Image

    This is one of the most prevalent image of african american women is the Mammy image. The mammy image was known as a fat, asexual, and happy to serve as a master. After slavery they began to desexualize the image of black women, almost like a “pet”.. During slavery the black women was purely a sexual human being but not after. The society we live in people don 't realize the mainstream media and Hollywood of the image. The respect for femininity they had for the Mammy was horrible. They showed…

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  • Feminism's Influence On Social Media

    cocked my head to the side and gave him my cheeriest smile, accompanied by a dead serious expression in my eyes. He took the cue to leave me alone, and I continued into the coffee shop with the same dead expression on my face. I then asked myself why I even smiled for him in the first place. It’s as if women can never look serious all the time or, god forbid, look anything but tired. The stereotype of women having to constantly be upbeat plays into the idea that women must always look and feel…

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  • Social Media Campaign Analysis

    Title of Project: Where does New Zealand media content come from? The circulation of social media campaigns and online activism of #BringBackOurGirls into New Zealand media online channels. Statement of purpose (or problem statement): Social networks and the rise of social media campaigns continue to dominate mainstream media. Their aim to network, communicate and persuade a large global audience has evolved into a powerful medium (Kim, 2014). The driving force behind a social media campaign…

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  • Chinese Culture: Chinese Girl-Oriented Subculture

    that belongs to girl’s channel were only briefly introduced. In fact, writings of girl’s channel have different features that the study failed to cover. First, girl’s channel works are not as commercialized as those in boy’s channel. Second, works that can be included in girl’s channel have more refined categories, and usually different categories orient different groups of readers, and some of them are too marginal to be enjoyed by all the groups. Last but not least, instead of being introduced…

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  • The Role Of Pop Culture And The Critical Approach

    It may not come as any surprise that society is greatly influenced by present-day social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Celebrities have mass amounts of followers; they put their daily lives on the Internet for us to all see, and we all catch onto the latest fads. This is not a new concept, however. For as long as one could imagine, that is how long members of society have been influenced by pop culture. Through the examination of three approaches, the Functionalist, the…

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