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  • A Culture Of Dependency Of Welfare In The United States

    Today in America there is a big debate on the current state of welfare programs and its recipients. Some think we should do away with welfare all together and let everyone fend for themselves; while others believe that they are helpful for struggling families. Then there are the ones in the middle, like me. I believe that the current state of America’s welfare programs are causing their recipients to become too dependent and it should require you to be employed in some form to receive a check each month. In Matthew Spalding’s “Why the U.S. Has a Culture of Dependency”, he claims that “The problem is that Washington is building a culture of dependency, with ever-more people relying on an ever-growing federal government to give them cash or benefits.”(par 3) Spalding’s theory of dependency of welfare recipients is extremely useful because it sheds light on the difficult problem of loss of skills that results from welfare. There are many abusers that are paying doctors to declare them disabled, so that they can get a check each month. By all means, I am not saying that every person you meet on welfare is abusing the system. Although it is a small…

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  • Consumer Culture In The United States

    Consumer culture is incredibly fascinating because it is completely created and altered by easily mutable human habits. This culture has insurmountable power to change the way an individual makes choices. My discussion class decided it is necessary to delve into the woes of consumer culture and how consumer culture is interconnected with the environment and many environmental issues. Consumerist society has an immense impact on the environment by consisting of complicated feedback loops of…

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  • Trinidad Carnival: The Culture Of The United States Of America

    It is a personal opinion that without art, music, and literature, the people are collectively dead. However, culture is more than art, music, and literature, it is the diverse contribution of the people to a subculture or main culture. While Black culture contributed to the culture of the United States of America, Caribbean popular culture is and has always been the channel used by the lesser group. When the dominant group tried to restrict the Carnival celebrations of the enslaved on the…

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  • American Core Values

    American Values Despite the United States being a pluralistic society, there are set of core values present throughout the country. Core values, or values that are common among a group, are however, found to have the ability to cluster with not only other like values, but contradictory examples as well. In addition to these collaborative abilities, values also have the ability to evolve over time and are dependent on the circumstances of society. Hard work has been a long-standing American…

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  • The Girl Who Learn Through Time Analysis

    2. Compare the cultures and concerns of young women (and men) as depicted in the American film Ghost World and the Japanese anime The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. What social pressures are put on them? How do they react to this pressures? What does each film seem to prescribe as acceptable behaviors and outcomes for the girls? Both cultures are really different. Japanese people have a more defined culture than North Americans. The mixed of many other cultures and different…

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  • Bohemiaism And Counterculture Analysis

    The Negativeness of Culture and Counterculture in the Sixties: Conventionalism vs. Bohemianism in Didion and Shepard’s Ideology The 1960s is a period when new cultural forms arise; it is a time when the traditional roles of women were reevaluated; it is “an era in which the ego ran wild, and the young had a craving for altered states.” As many young people were dissatisfied with the conventionalism — the mainstream American culture after post-World War II, the counterculture emerged in the…

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  • Gender Identity In Anzia Yezierska's Bread Givers

    century, generations of immigrant women undergo assimilation to unite themselves in American customs. The ideology that they will be accepted into a society that does not suppress their gender identity has driven them to this process but they blindly forget their origin culture. America’s “opportunities” is proved an illusion when the “American Dream” influences many foreigners to reevaluate their lives and social standings upon arrival. The illusion of upward mobility and freedom are highly…

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  • Analysis Of Jhumpa Lahiri's Short Story: Abandonment Of Cultures

    their failure to uphold American values. There is an intense cultural disparity faced by the mothers and daughters in Amy Tan’s short story due to their state as immigrants and natives,…

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  • The Myth Of Individualism Analysis

    The Myth of Individualism draws readers in with a captivating introduction through a controversial story about an individualist who kills to prove a point. This became a constant throughout the book, having examples used from topics that related to pop culture, politics and historical events to say the American values of individualism, mediocrity and self-sufficiency is overall fabricated. Therefore, American values are effected by the social structures on our lives which prove to be the thesis…

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  • Everyday Use By Alice Walker

    People go about their day conforming to whatever it is they encounter, not even regarding their morals or cultural heritage. The question I ask myself is, “Why would someone stand by and not express who they really are when their culture is being ridiculed?” People with different cultures should share their culture with others so that other people may learn about different things and to accept different types of people. It is the other peoples job to listen and accept differences in heritage…

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