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  • Bisexuality Vs Bisexuality Essay

    (Elizabeth, 2013). Even with the introduction of bisexuality, many sexualities, such as pansexuality are still being undermined and labelled as a ‘false sexuality’ (Elizabeth, 2013). In a world where heterosexuality reigns, anyone with a different sexuality is sometimes a bit timid to come out. However, eventually, homosexuality began to get more accepted, and is much more prominent in today’s society. In the past, no one would ever admit to being homosexual, or having homosexual fantasies. Now, however, “37% of men and 20% of women reported at least one homosexual experience that result in an orgasm” (Friedman et al. pg. 923, 1994) and since then, it can be assumed that the number has increased. Even with homosexuality being much more accepted, and bisexuality beginning to surface more, pansexuality is a…

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  • Bisexuality In The Media Essay

    A study was conducted by GLAAD, an organization that monitors the media portrayal of LGBT characters, in which they found the 2013-2014 TV season had “46 LGBT characters in total, out of which there were only 10 bisexual characters.” If that wasn’t a small enough number, “out of that minuscule number of bisexual roles, only two were male characters” goes on to describe just how little bisexuality is actually portrayed in the media. The world in the media is nothing like the world that actually…

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  • Bisexuality In The 21st Century

    Bisexuality has been an ambiguous sexual identity. Due to the progressive transformation in the history of bisexuality, it has been difficult to distinctively define the term. This has resulted in many debates surrounding the distinctive historical formation of the term. It is necessary for us to comprehend the term bisexuality so that it can stand the test of time especially as the concept gains massive popularity in this day and age. Today, bisexuality is all around us and has become a…

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  • Essay On Bisexuality In The Hours

    In addition to the women being impaired of contributing, on a greater scale, to their society, because of their gender, they are also not able to fully explore their sexuality during the first two time periods in which The Hours takes place—the early 20s and early 50s. A pivotal scene is when Laura kisses her neighbor and friend, Kitty: “Kitty’s face is against Laura’s breasts. She seems to relax into her. Laura lifts Kitty’s face, and puts her lips against hers. They both know what they are…

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  • Analysis Of 'The Bisexual Menace Revisited' By Kristin Esterberg

    “The bisexual menace revisited” by Kristin Esterberg explores the concept of bisexuality as an identity or behavior and how it compares and contrasts with monosexual identities. Dr. Esterberg holds a Ph.D and is the elected president at SUNY Potsdam. It is worth noting that her spouse is a woman who works at SUNY Potsdam as well. The first portion of her essay explores the paradox in which “bisexuality seems to be both everywhere and nowhere” (278). She expounds on this by discussing the almost…

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  • Asexuality Erasure

    First example will be how from the acronym LGBTQIA, without a doubt the A will be confused as ally, whose definition is ”A person who does not identify as LGBTQIA, but supports the rights and safety of those who do”. This happens throughout life and then through GLAAD, a website to portray the hardships LGBTQIA go through but confuses their A for ally, contributing to the asexual erasure. The bisexuality erasure example is the Benedict Carey article from the New York Time website, talking about…

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  • Asexuality Classification Essay

    Sexuality is everywhere, which is why it is so important for everyone to make an effort to learn about each identity to better understand others. In class this semester, we discussed three umbrella sexualities: homosexuality, bisexuality, and asexuality and learned about the different identities within each. A homosexual is someone who feels attracted to, desires and/or wants to practice with someone of the same sex and/or gender. This term was coined in the 1920s, when a writer accidentally…

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  • Character Analysis: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    Bisexuality is an identity and orientation that is often overlooked and completely dismissed by not only society, but the entertainment industry as well. But, through quirky songs and constant plot lines, the CW’s original show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is fighting both bi-erasure and the stereotyping of both gay men and bisexual men while also creating an atmosphere where they aren’t the butt of the shows jokes. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend features a same-sex relationship with Josh Wilson, or commonly…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Refuting Anti-Gay Rights Argument

    Sexual orientation has been a heavily disputed topic for decades. At first no one really cared, but the more it was put out there the more it became evident that this couldn’t be ignored. It wasn’t until June 26, 2013 that gay marriage accepted in all fifty states. It is gradually becoming more widely accepted, but there are still large groups out there that do not support it. In Sager’s article Refuting Anti-Gay Rights Arguments, we see that he has a much stronger source because he comes back…

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  • Essay On Bisexuality In Movies And T. V.

    High school is a strange time for everyone. For some it was hard work and doing well in school, but for some it was an opportunity to grow socially. From learning to be comfortable with oneself skin or to experiment with relationships, it was a time of change. For me and most people, this was not the case. It was filled with regret and missed opportunities. I never truly came into terms with what kind of person I was and who I am attracted to. I always had a skewed view on what liking someone…

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