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  • Personal Narrative: My Graduation Day In The American International School

    My name is Sara Parker. I am glad to see you. How are you? How is your day?” she said, and then “Pleases introduce yourself” said she. I was ready to die and I think my face was the face of a dead person because I was too surprised to say anything, I did not understand and I have no idea what she is talking about, similar as rappers like “bla bla bla”. When she bent over me, I thought she was going to devour me. And I was…

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  • Bla Tinubu Case Study

    Bola Tinubu: The Poor Cant Wait Any Longer By Sunday Njokede Former Lagos governor, Mr. Bola Tinubu had told protesters who gathered at his Ikoyi house to be patient that their miracle is on the way. If you flip the coin to the other side: Tinubu and his family are living large in Nigeria as the Italian Mafia. The Lagos politician has no moral ground to decide who should make sacrifices. Not when, he and his family are living fly like the Gambino crime family. What is hotter than this? The…

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  • Memorialization Of The Trojan War In Homer's The Illiad

    Poetry and thought are often interpreted as too lofty for the realm of politics, a realm dominated power (Berlin: 2004). Yet memory, as elaborated by poets should always be an exercise in education. The value of narrative, writing, and poetry is high. For ‘the very fact that so great of an enterprise as the Trojan War could have been forgotten without a poet to immortalize it several hundred years later offered only too good an example of what could happen to human greatness if it had nothing…

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  • The Great Fire Analysis

    Excerpt from The Great Fire by Jim Murphy It was Sunday and an unusually warm evening for October eighth, so Daniel “Peg Leg” Sullivan left his stifling little house in the west side of Chicago and went to visit neighbors. One of his stops was at the shingled cottage of Patrick and Catherine O’Leary. The one-legged Sullivan remembered getting to the O’Learys’ house at around eight o’clock, but left after only a few minutes because the O’Leary family was already in bed. Both Patrick and Catherine…

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  • Bronx Leadership

    teacher-student relationships and can, in turn, affect the motivation of students at Bronx Leadership Academy (BLA). The observed usage of slang, otherwise known as “Black English,” at BLA both inhibited and catalyzed the academic progression of students. However, the long-term effects of using Black English colloquially in an academic setting can predispose…

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  • The Importance Of Religion: The Five Pillars Of Islam

    Dodong heard Blas’ steps for he could not sleep well at night. He watched Blass undress in the dark and lie down softly. Blas was restless on his mat and could not sleep. Dodong called his name and asked why he did not sleep. You better go to sleep. It is late,” Dodong said. Life did not fulfill all of youth’s dreams. Why it must be so? Why one was forsaken after love? “Itay..” Blas called softly. Dodong stirred and asked him what it was. “I’m going to marry Tona. She accepted me tonight. “Itay,…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The First Day At School To School

    I was in there alone for five minutes after the bell I remembered oh homeroom. Then I strolled back to homeroom and we just did nothing. The bell rang again I went to third period. I was more excited for this one I expected gym to be my favorite because we play games. All we did there was explain the rules again I already knew them from last year. I think we got are locks then Seth started crying because he couldn't get the lock open he was throwing a fit there was a lot of muffled laughs.…

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  • Analyzing Carpe Diem 'To His Coy Mistress'

    I know this because the artist says “Big old houses and three car garage, pull off, ha-ha-ha/ Keep the hammers out in traffic, boy I hopped out, bla-bla-bla” (Lines 9-10). This quote shows Carpe Diem because it shows how he lives almost every day like it is his last because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Another example of Carpe Diem from this song is when the artist says “Now i can see at night, go spend 10 Gs a night” (line 43). This quote also shows Carpe Diem because he spends a lot of money in…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Trayvon Martin

    are portrayed can tell us many important things about the interaction between the law and media, or perhaps lack therefore of, and about the nature of the law. It shows us that the law is generally unbiased toward momentary emotional trends, exists as an entity which is designed to be inefficient and always err on the side of the accused, but with proper evidence, is an effective tool for society. Trayvon Martin= Trayvon Martin When Trayvon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman, the African…

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  • 'Karen Horney's Theory Of Anatomy Is Destiny'

    red, white, & blue paint-covered nipples. Since then, I’ve struggled to try and tell her that women will be objectified no matter what they are wearing. When I walk across campus, does somebody look at me and think “Wow, I bet she has a lovely personality” or are they thinking of some snide remark about the size of waist? Most of the time, I don’t care if they’re thinking either. What I wonder sometimes though, is it human nature for us to assess and judge the people around us, or is it…

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