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  • Animals Facing Extinction

    can animals facing extinction be helped using modern science? Identification and description of the problem Extinction is referred to as the death of the last organism of a certain species; thus ending those organisms altogether. However, since most species are globally spread out this is something that takes careful consideration of every fact such as ‘is there a possibility the organism may have has a chance of survival somewhere unexpected?’(Hawking, 2012) Biologists have been trying conservation methods in order to solve this quickly arising problem. “Over the last 400 years, 484 animal species and 654 plant species have become extinct.” (The University of York Science Education Group, 2008) There are many potential causes for extinction…

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  • Summary: The Ethics Of Extinction

    class, my 15 year older brother gave me an idea. He brought up the concept of de-extinction, or bringing back animals from the dead, and human cloning. These ideologies, which used to be nothing more than the work of science…

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  • De Extinction In Jurassic Park

    painstakingly brought back from extinction, break away from their artificial habits and wreak havoc on their keepers, both captivated and horrified the imagination of its viewers. Although the events portrayed by Jurassic Park have forever remained in the realm of science fiction, the idea of de-extinction has not. De-extinction is a fundamentally awesome, but fundamentally flawed idea. It is hard to ignore the wonder that one may feel as they gaze upon a fully grown, functioning Woolly…

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  • Animal Extinction Research Paper

    Many species in the world are endangered and eventually becoming extinct. The main problem that generates extinction is human activity; people cause extinction every day and unknowingly to them, it is killing innocent animals. Due to pollution, natural forces, human interaction, and loss of habitats, animal extinction is a major crisis in the world; people are the only ones that can save the animal population before it is too late. Pollution is among the most insidious threats to animal…

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  • Deforestation Is Linked To Extinction

    Deforestation is Linked to Tiger’s Heading Towards Extinction We have all heard about the beauty of a rain forest and the majestic animals that hide in the shadows, perched in monstrous trees are chirping colorful birds, while basking in the sunlight. The rain forest holds many homes to beautiful and almost forgotten animals such as Tiger’s who are on a brink of extinction. Also, the beautiful trees are producing clean air for everything to live healthier because they are part of carbon…

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  • Animal Extinction

    Our planet is in the middle of the sixth mass extinction of mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and plants. We are currently experiencing the worst case of extinction than the dinosaurs which was 65 million years ago. Extinction may be a natural event but there has been a recent increase of species extinction from 1000 to 10,000 per year. This means in the future we may lose species every day [1]. Before extinction was caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruption and climate change but this…

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  • Essay On De-Extinction

    existence through a process called de-extinction. Some believe that bringing them back to life will make up for the wrong of extinction as stated in Text 1 : 3Q The Ethics of Species ‘De -Extinction’ by Angela Herring. However others claim that because of de-extinction, extinct species are being brought back but millions of other species in the ecosystem are at risk of extinction, stated in Text 3 : Case against Species Revival. Extinct species should not be brought back into existence because…

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  • Human Extinction Essay

    Mass Extinction of the Human Species The future is not guaranteed for individuals, and the same is true for all of humanity. Of the millions of species that exist on this planet humans are known as the most intelligent, but maybe this is a misconception. While mankind carries on its activities, the chance of a mass extinction grows with every misuse of the earth. It is more likely that humans will cause their own extinction than it is that they would be wiped out by a natural…

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  • Premature Extinction Research Paper

    Earth’s biodiversity is been around for eons, one of the key factors why it have existed that long, is because of evolution and extinction. It is the nature’s way to continually adapt to the fast changing environment, though extinction is the “end of the line” of all living species; it is the key to the survival of the future generation species. But with humans around premature extinction will be a problem due to our selfishness and loss of respect to our environment. With humans also known as…

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  • Causes Of Animal Extinction Essay

    endangered and there’s enough being accomplished to try and make sure that animals that are vulnerable, marine animals and birds and marine life aren’t left stranded and on the brink of extinction. To protect the stable sustainability of some of most values inhabitants of UAE, Organisations such as the Emirates Wildlife Society (EMS-WWF), Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) and Al Ain Zoo are all working greatly.…

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