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    Deforestation is Linked to Tiger’s Heading Towards Extinction We have all heard about the beauty of a rain forest and the majestic animals that hide in the shadows, perched in monstrous trees are chirping colorful birds, while basking in the sunlight. The rain forest holds many homes to beautiful and almost forgotten animals such as Tiger’s who are on a brink of extinction. Also, the beautiful trees are producing clean air for everything to live healthier because they are part of carbon offsets (Fighting Climate Change with Forest). For instance, big companies are actively participating in the most dangerous commercial jobs of forest clearing, which is held in the world’s reserves of rain forest, where the almost extinct Tiger lives. Therefore, mankind is disturbing the natural balance of the biological equilibrium of the rainforest by deforestation and we need to take a stand to provide a healthier home for us and provide a safe sanctuary for the tigers to roam freely. First, let’s talk about the mightiest cat in the jungle, who’s very existence is dropping drastically and one day our children may never set eyes on the large majestic Tiger. Which are one of the most formidable carnivores on the planet, and yet, amber-coated and patterned with black flames, one of the most beautiful of creatures (A Cry for The Tiger). Many tourist come from around the world to take photographs of them or seek just the cat’s presence because, Tigers have a wonderful ability to be…

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    affects the products demanded by customers. Smart homes, virtual homes, and smart appliances are just a few technological advances. Making these products and services available shows responsiveness to the changes in technology. Being able to adapt to a rapidly changing technology is something that will provide builders with a competitive environment. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS Builders environmental interactions involves current environmental issues occurring around their area of operating. Some…

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