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  • Creative Writing: Shadow The Dog

    amazing, all powerful Shadow the dog,” he said, as Shadow spotted a bird carcass lying in the street. He picked it up carefully, between the tips of his front teeth and flipped it into the air, growling as it sailed above him. When it plopped down, Shadow slowly poked the bird with his paw. Shadow growled again, and then laid the side of his head on the street, staring right into the bird’s face. “It might have been dead for a week, but who cared?” He would kill it again. That’s how powerful he was. Shadow jumped to his feet to attack, and spotted a mouse, scurrying across the street. “Alive! This was for real!” Shadow thought. The mouse had a head start, but Shadow would catch him. He bounded…

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  • Data Synthesis Essay

    done so by means of counting the number of specimens at the feeder. The counting of individuals is interpreted as a discrete quantitative data collection method (Raath, 2011: 2). The number of species were separately identified and counted respectively. For each arrival the time was recorded and the duration of feeding observed. Data analysis was done by processing the raw data to produce graphs for comparison. As a trend was noticed during observations, it was decided that the best way to…

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  • Case Study Of Chi Square Test For Niche

    Figure 1. Chi Square Test for Niche lab conducted at Owings Mills North.Behaivors of several species of birds (Tufted titmouse, dark eyed junco, black-capped chickadee, northern cardinal, mourning dove, purple finch, house sparrow, and white breasted nuthatch) were observed at feeding station. The three possible behaviors are feeding at the feeder, feeding on the ground, or feeding in the tree. Assignment questions 1-4 Given the results of the chi square, the birds feeding behavior are…

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  • Hummingbirds Essay

    Hummingbirds are very fascinating creatures and differ in various ways from other birds. There are more than three-hundred species of hummingbirds. Hummingbirds play a very important role in the ecosystem. Hummingbirds are pollinators and control insects. Hummingbirds can hover in mid-air why consuming nectar from deep flowers. The male humming bird contributes very little in reproduction. Human activities are responsible for some of the deaths of these magnificent species. Hummingbirds are…

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  • Convergent And Divergent Evolution Essay

    Unit 1 Written Assignment Question: For the purposes of this assignment, you are to choose an adaptive trait common to more than one species. For example, birds and bats both have wings. Write a 2-3 page (500 – 750 words, 12-point font) paper including the following elements. a. Describe what makes this trait an adaptation. Answer: For this assignment, I will choose an adaptive trait wings. Both birds and bats both have a trait that enables them to fly. Bats: The bats wings enables it to get a…

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  • Agonistic Behavior In Carrying Hens

    Introduction Aggressive behaviour in laying hens may be problematic, especially when behaviours such as feather pecking and cannibalism occur (Hughes, 1997). One article states that, in small flocks of laying hens, aggressive behaviour is exhibited when unfamiliar birds are present (D’Eath, 2003). Chickens tend to form dominance hierarchies, which leads to fighting to establish dominance, which may also be called a pecking order (D’Eath, 2003). In smaller flocks, once dominance has been…

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  • Analysis Of The Typical Breeding Season Of Eastern Bluebirds

    understand from researching the process of fecal sac removal that the fecal sacs will most likely not be removed until the first few weeks after hatching. The longer days of late spring and early summer have a photoperiod average of 16-18 hours of daylight and we since we plan to conduct this experiment in April of 2017, 18 hours of daylight will be the expected May photoperiod by the time the birds hatch (Navara, 2016).The normal temperatures of May average from the lows of 14.6 ℃ to 27.7℃…

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  • Bird In The Hand Analysis

    On April 15, I attended Bird in the Hand by Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas at the California State University of Long Beach University Theatre. Bird in the Hand is about a boy who works at a theme park in Miami owned by his father who is dedicated to tropical birds. The boy, Felix, takes us on a tour of his last year in high school explaining how he came to inherit the park from his father and loses his best friend in the process. The narrator, Felix, feels caged and out-of-place, much like the imported…

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  • Analysis Of An Owl Pellet

    The independent variable in this lab was the different bones with took from the pellet and analyzed. The dependent variable was the types of animals we found out the owl had eaten based the analysis of the bones. My results supported my hypothesis. I found different types of bones and then after I analyzed them I found what kind of animal the owl had eaten. I found out that the owl pellet that I had contained bones from a mole, bird, shrew, and a rodent. My results were very similar to…

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  • Birds Of Paradise Research Paper

    To the human eye, birds are one of the most beautiful and eye catching in all of nature’s creations. Even a single stray of a feather has many wonders and secrets in itself. It’s form, delicacy and it’s coloring for example. With each of these they have the power to be overwhelming. There are many families of birds well known for spectacular visual impact of their plumage. One family of birds that stands out from the rest, not just because of the extravagant appearance of many of its…

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