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  • Honey Bee Pollination

    the food and beverages produced rely on honey bee pollination. As the honey bee population declines as a result of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), a phenomenon that causes honey bees to flee their hive and eventually die during the winter months, the agricultural industry in the United States faces an economic loss nearing $20-30 billion dollars. The population decline has been attributed to many factors such as the parasitic Varroa mite, different types of viruses, poor nutrition and genetic diversity, and a Harvard study has linked the use of certain pesticides to CCD. Attempting to address the implications and costs associated with the decline in honey bee population, as well as the financial losses, is imperative…

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  • Honey Bee Mites Summary

    In temperate zones the bees are incapable of fighting off the infection, and bee keepers have yet to develop a treatment that is safe, effective, and easy to apply. Therefore this Varroa mite is able to dramatically weaken a hive’s health and allow for other types of viruses to eradicate the hive completely. This study details many aspects of Varroa that are currently known. Information regarding bother the biology and pathology of these mites is important for elucidating and understanding…

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  • The Honey Bee Body

    Introduction The western or European honey bee has the genus name Apis Mellifera which means "bee" and "honey bearing". Honey bee body has 3 parts, two pairs of wings, six legs and two compound eyes. Moreover, there are three kinds of honey bees in a hive, one Queen bee, many worker bees and a few drones. They have different chore in the hive. They live in colonies or hives and collect nectar and pollen as their food. Honey bees are also known as the best pollinators when they visit from one…

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  • Honey Bee Research Paper

    The Amazing World of Honey Bees Like most animals, honey bees require proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, fats, vitamins, and water for normal growth and development. Honey contains all of these important things, but honey is made just from the nectar of plants and bee added enzymes. Not only are honey bees known for making honey, but they are also pollinators and without them we would lose a lot of necessary things like plants. Honey bees are extremely important for different reasons; however,…

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  • Why Do Honey Bee Die

    Death of the Colorado Small Business, Due to the Death of the Honeybee Charles Darwin, once said, “The life of man would be extremely difficult if the bee disappeared”. Humans have depended on agriculture, as a source of food, since the Neolithic Era. Back then humans didn’t know much about how, or why things grow, or taste the way they do. Pollinators such as the honeybee, played a huge part in helping those early crops along, and have carried the burden pollination and production since…

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  • Honey Bee Essay

    Honey bees produce honey that is favored and enjoyed by many, and they pollinate a large portion of the world’s crops. While their efforts are largely appreciated, their recent troubles have not been given very much attention. Before assessing and understanding their afflictions, one must first have some basic knowledge about the structure/organization of a typical honey bee colony. They are social insects, with each individual bee living to benefit the hive. The survival of the hive depends…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Honey Bees

    Unfortunately, many of the honey bees are dying off and without them to pollinate, crops will not survive, flowers and fruit will not grow, and we will lose many other luxuries bees and their honey provide us with. The decrease in the honey bee population is becoming very troubling and unnerving. Scientists believe that “global warming, habitat loss, parasites, and a class of bee-killing insecticides known as neonics” may be some of the cause (Environment, n.d). Universities and scientists are…

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  • The European Honey Bees

    (Bartlett et al.) is one of the few non-native species whose presence has become essential for food production in the United States. European honey bees are the primary pollinator for a large portion of fruits and vegetables around the world. Recent problems with pest and diseases within colonies have led to a drastic decline in the number of managed hives available for pollination. Colony collapse disorder (CCD) (Mortensen, Schmehl and Ellis)has caused the highest level of hive decrease since…

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  • Honey Beekeepers Research Paper

    Introduction Background Honey Bees include any bee that are part of the genus Apis. Currently there are eleven recorded species of honey bees, including forty-four subspecies (What-When-How). The main goal of the Honey Bee is to produce honey, which is a process that requires the Honey Bee to find nectar and pollen. Honey Bees are known to mainly be attracted to brightly-colored flowers, including dandelions, goldenrod, milkweed, clover and fruit trees (FCPS). There are specifically two…

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  • The Honeybee Population Crisis

    our society and if the bee population goes down, the human population will soon follow. Although many people are unaware of the shrinking bee population, scientific evidence has proven it to be a major problem. Due to CCD and other diseases, our food production and plant life could be decreased to dangerous levels, but the problem can be easily prevented. Throughout history we have seen a decrease in bee population, but nothing as severe…

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