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  • Honore Goriot Analysis Essay

    Honore de Balzac’s ending to Peré Goriot is astonishingly effective as it confirms that moving up the social ladder takes priority over all other aspects of life. The author’s effectiveness with this theme is furthered through the use of motifs and descriptive language with the purpose of aiding the readers development as to what the conflict is, why it is inescapable, and how it affects the character’s lives. The first chapter establishes a motif in the form of a metaphor that is the root of the conflict throughout the reading, as Balzac describes a character who “seemed to have been one of those donkeys who help grind our great social mill, one of the underlings who never see their masters, some cogwheel on which public misfortune or disgrace depends” (Balzac 15) outlining the vast distinction of the lower class from the upper class, but yet how “we couldn’t manage without them.” (15). This is effective as it establishes the idea that higher society “grinds” the lower class, therefore enhancing the reader 's understanding of the setting by outlining the society that exists in Paris during the the 19th century. Not only is this metaphor true in society, but…

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  • Shanghai Calling Movie Analysis

    Shanghai Calling is a movie that describes a man, Sam, is ordered to work in China. Therefore he arrived China as a worker immigrant. He met some Chinese people and start the story with a scam. Sam almost lost his job during solving this problem. Finally, he decides to live in Shanghai and start his new career. This movie brings out several problems that are common to migrants. After watching the movie, I have integrated some problems that the migrants might face. There are four points: The…

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  • Three Day Road Essay

    What makes us human in the darkest of times? Time after time people from all around the world go through tough times and for some it changes their morals and ideals. How do these events change people? Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden tells the story of two Cree boys that face the terrors of war. Similarly, Dai Sijie’s Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress is about two young men in China experiencing re-education in the time of the Cultural Revolution. These stories both convey a message that…

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  • Analysis Of Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress

    About the film Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (Balzac Et La Petite Tailleuse Chinoise) is a story on two teenagers, Luo and Ma, who are sent to be re-educated during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. They are sent to a mountain because their doctor parents have been declared enemies of the state by the Communist state. While forced to work in coalmines and with rice crops, they fall in love with the daughter of the local tailor, the Little Seamstress. Originally written in French, the…

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  • Little Chinese Seamstress Context

    Context Correlation with Content The context surrounding the author while writing often correlate directly with the content found when reading the book. Frequently readers take fictional works of writing and detach it from the world completely, however, many times the content of the book relates more to what is happening in the outside world than the things the author chose to create out of nowhere. Context has the ability to affect what the writing chooses to focus on and as a result of that,…

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  • Discrimination In Ernest Gaines A Gathering Of Old Men

    The Gathering of Old Men is set in rural Louisiana during the 1970’s. Tee Jack is a white male who owns a local bar. His bar used to segregate the blacks and whites because of the law, also known as de jure segregation. In spite of de jure segregation being declared unconstitutional, blacks are still being segregated through fear tactics. When Tee Jack talks about the discrimination of African-Americans in his bar. He claims that the discrimination is “how things are in a little place like…

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  • Totalitarianism In Ukraine

    3.1.2. Risks and challenges for Humanitarian action Responsibility, guilt and aid diversion: Ukrainian government seems to be in a major paradox as on one hand it claims its sovereignty over all Ukraine while on the other ceases to deliver services, hence indirectly delegating this responsibility to de facto authorities reinforcing in someway its legitimacy. In any case the limitation of aid provided in eastern Ukraine either due to Governmental will or de facto authorities limited capacity put…

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  • Essay On Blood Diamonds

    diamonds mined in war-torn countries by antigovernment groups (Blood Diamonds). These militias use the money to aid their cause. Wars fueled by these diamonds have taken over 3.7 million lives, in countries such as Zimbabwe, Angola, Congo and Liberia. Most people do not know what was sacrificed for them to wear their diamond ring (“Blood Diamonds Exposed”). Despite the beauty a diamond holds, people must be made aware of the dangerous social implications they embody. The conflict of blood…

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  • Analysis Of The De Beers Diamond

    Cecil Rhodes was a scammer. Advertisements by Cecil Rhodes have been known to be scams; this theory stimulated from several observers. This viewer watched the De Beers diamond ads continuously by the founder Cecil Rhodes and the (CSO) persuading and scamming men to make purchases to express their love. The De Beers diamonds created a visual image for advertising as an appeal for a metaphor of how a diamond gives value as a lifetime commitment to a potential or future wife by paying over value…

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  • The Importance Of Diversity In Magnet Schools

    Introduction: Magnet schools are schools of choice that are part of the public school system. They were created for the purpose of reversing the de facto segregation that was happening in urban schools in the 1970s. The school and curriculum is often built around a theme. That theme may be a subject area like STEM or the arts or an emphasis on an educational program like the International Baccalaureate curriculum or the Advance Placement program. Magnet schools have no geographic boundaries for…

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