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  • Ming Dynasty Spy Agencies

    Ming Dynasty, there were many Spy agencies developed by different emperors. They are the Eastern Depot Factory, Western Depot Factory and the Jinyiwei (Emperors’ personal bodyguards). Each were created for its own purpose and to each agency. Eastern Depot was created by Zhu Yuan Zhang’s fourth son Zhu Di. Western Depot was created by Zhu Jian Shen, Ming Dynasty’s eighth emperor. The most famous Jinyiwei was created by Hong Wu Emperor Zhu Yuan Zhang himself, it functioned as secret polices to stabilize the dynasty since the Ming Dynasty was just founded. Jinyiwei, literally meaning the “brocade-clad guard”. They were created in Hongwu fifteen years (1382), created by HongWu Emperor. They are directly…

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  • An Analysis Of Zheng He's Voyages

    He held a respected résumé. Not only was he one of Emperor Yongle’s well trusted eunuchs, but he was also highly known for organizing large scale construction projects. In Zheng He: China and the Oceans in the Early Ming Dynasty: 1405-1433, Edward Dryer points out that He’s loyalty to the emperor, courage in battle, and prior leadership experiences made him the perfect man to lead and command the seven voyages. The first voyage set sail in 1405 and is a great example that these voyages were not…

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  • American Mosaic Vs Italian Mosaic Essay

    abundance of symbolism to the pieces. Two such examples are the Justinian and Theodora mosaics at San Vitale. This paper will describe not only the resemblances, but also the differences in the two mosaics from in the same time period. Emperor Justinian and Attendants. Mosaic on north wall of the apse Tesserae c. 547. 8 ' 8" by 12 ' Church of San Vitale. In this large piece, it is easy to discern…

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  • DBQ Essay On Zheng He's Voyages

    Chloe Smith World History Zheng He’s Voyages 30 October 2016 In 1368, Hongwu led a rebel army that finally drove the Mongols out of China. Hongwu then became the first Ming Dynasty emperor and he ruled from the capital, Yuan. Even though Hongwu was able to implement stability in China, problems arose and he became a ruthless tyrant. He doubted the loyalty of his officials and then killed thousands of them. After Hongwu’s death in 1398, his son, Yonglo, became the new emperor. Yonglo had…

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  • Compare And Contrast Medieval Japanese And Medieval Europe

    from 710-to the late 15th century were two very similar places in history. They both had unfair punishments and used the feudal system, which was not a very fair system, especially if you were at the bottom of the pyramid. They both had rulers who were important in their countries. The King was at the top of the medieval pyramid and the Emperor was the ruler of the Japanese. However, being a king in Europe was more respected because he had so much more power than a Japanese Emperor so it would…

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  • The Roles Of Women: Herodotus And Sima Qian

    were meant to fill become clear. Although these vastly different cultures had limited contact, women in Greece and China were very similar during this time period. Each writer gives distinct evidence of women fulfilling, or denying the roles placed upon them as wives, mothers, daughters, oracles, soldiers, commanders, gifts, property, and royalty. Sima Qian’s writing contains several different examples of the expected female role in Chinese society. He speaks of the basic nature of a man,…

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  • Identity In Gene Luen Yang's Boxers And Saints

    Society. When first introduced in the story, Red Lantern shows compassion to the village that Bao lives in, by helping the people with health problems (Boxers 41). Red Lantern 's identity as a compassionate warrior again reinforces to Bao what identities his culture finds acceptable. Bao passively accepts that being a compassionate warrior is an acceptable identity without really evaluating the idea and he strives to become a warrior, like his brothers and Red Lantern. Upon the death of his King…

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  • The Great Wall Of China Summary

    Introduction A vigorous indication of the country’s abiding durability was an exclusive configuration known as the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall was assembled and established by a man named Qin, the first emperor of China. He conceived this complex as a forcible blockade to defend the Chinese and their homeland as well. Much of the Chinese society became endeavored to death in the development of this unforgettable wall in China. Qin was frightened that one of his rivals of the other six…

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  • Roaring Dragon Hotel Essay

    The Roaring Dragon Hotel was a three star hotel in the south-west of China. It was a famous enterprise which was owned by the state and 40 years of history. Roaring Dragon Hotel had a good reputation but started fading as there was a change in management to Hotel International. This organization had a good reputation and suitable enough to buyout the management of the Roaring Dragon Hotel. After the takeover, Hotel International took steps and changed the policies both internally and externally…

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  • Qing Dynasty Research Paper

    After the decline of the Ming Dynasty and the death of the last Ming Emperor, the Qing Dynasty quickly made its rise claiming the throne. But shortly after establishing imperialism, it became the last dynasty to ever rule in China. The purpose of this paper is to tell how the Qing Dynasty rose to power, and why it was the last one to rule. This research paper will be an enlightenment to important emperors who were key roles in the rise and fall of the dynasty, the arts that were introduced from…

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