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  • Colorado Gold Rush Analysis

    ear-ly about 10,000 remained in Colorado by early August 2,000 in Denver a few hundred in Golden, and most of the remainder engaged in the moun-tain placer operations or ever deepening lode mines. As late as September more than 2,000 were counted in the six-square miles gulch region around Central City along the North Fork Clear Creek. ( Abbott, Leonard, and Noel) This statement goes back from earlier that there were some groups of people that would be going even deep to find more…

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  • Colorado Academic Standards Essay

    Academic Standards in Colorado Colorado is well known for being the first state to legalize marijuana. It is a hot topic around the United States, however, Colorado was also one of only six states asked to inform the Federal Government on the process of developing new standards in-line with Common Core, another frequently debated issue (Colorado Department of Education, 2016). Academic changes over the last several years have led Colorado to develop strong state standards, which prepare pupils…

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  • Colorado Springs Airport Case Study

    name a few of the costs for airlines. These charges help to offset the cost of operating the airport and the costs associated with Peterson Air Force Base. Peterson Air Force Base cannot be charged similar expenses, because government cannot charge government. In more technical terms, the charges must be in kind services. Peterson Air Force Base provides the Colorado Springs Airport with fire and security details. This equals about two million dollars per year. Another source of revenue,…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip To Colorado

    It was a beautiful Friday afternoon. The May weather was perfect, with a slight refreshing breeze. Excitement was in the air as we all prepared for the 23 hour drive to Colorado. This was going to be the trip of a life time for our family. This much awaited trip had everyone on the edge of their seats. The Thomas family loaded their white Ford Expedition, said a prayer, and headed down the road. The whole family felt like little kids again. We might have looked like hillbillies going down…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Trip To Colorado Springs

    summer of 2015 my family and I finally went on our first vacation in years. My mother and sister wanted to go to the ocean, and see the beaches, while my father and I wanted to go someplace completely different from Kansas, somewhere that wasn’t flat, dull, and filled with farm fields and plains, but somewhere exiting and new that isn’t anything like the place where spent our entire lives. We wanted to go to Colorado Springs, and so we did. When we arrived at our destination, it made the…

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  • Why Do Honey Bee Die

    Death of the Colorado Small Business, Due to the Death of the Honeybee Charles Darwin, once said, “The life of man would be extremely difficult if the bee disappeared”. Humans have depended on agriculture, as a source of food, since the Neolithic Era. Back then humans didn’t know much about how, or why things grow, or taste the way they do. Pollinators such as the honeybee, played a huge part in helping those early crops along, and have carried the burden pollination and production since…

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  • Essay On Prairie Dogs

    Is it important to maintain the colonies of prairie dogs in Colorado? What exactly makes prairie dogs so important? Who supports them and fights for them, and what is killing them? Prairie dogs, like many other livings on Earth, are valuable to our ecosystem. They are responsible for keeping the cycle of life going and helping to maintain a healthy structure in the wild, both as predator and prey. There are wildlife activists who support prairie dogs and who support non-lethal methods of…

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  • What Are The Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana

    in combination with eliminating the risk of illegal activity will increase consumer confidence. According to the Huffintonpost “The government would save an estimated $13.7 billion on prohibition enforcement costs and tax revenue by legalizing marijuana”( ). With all that money, the government could vastly improve areas in our society. The article goes on to state, “advocates for Colorado’s medical marijuana industry argue that legalization has helped to jumpstart a stalled economy in…

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  • Strategic Management Case Study: Coors Brewing Company

    their “Rocky Mountain” slogan to encompass the whole country— “Pure American Spring Water.” If Coors established numerous production facilities, they could take advantage of economies of scale, use suppliers for ingredients, and simply concentrate on their primary business. Additionally, their relationships with wholesalers would improve from time being less constricting. A differentiated version could be developed of the original Colorado beer formula and be distributed in the Western region or…

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  • History Of Mesa Verde National Park

    The land and rock-based history of Mesa Verde National Park represents diversity as much as the cultural history. Mesa Verde is located in Southwestern Colorado which is one of the four states that is included in the Colorado Plateau. It became a national park in 1906 in order to preserve and protect the famous cliff dwellings and artifacts. Beginning back in 550 A.D to 1300 A.D, Ancestral Puebloans came to realize the diversity of Mesa Verde National Park and used its landscape to create and…

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