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  • Colorado State University Research Paper

    These colleges were chose by how I feel will impact my life after college. The University of Nebraska Omaha was my safe in state choice, Colorado State University was my dream college that was out of state, and my most realistic choice was Kansas State University. The University of Nebraska Lincoln is a safe choice because, I would only be an hour away from home, and the tuition price is more reasonable being priced at $19,297. Yet Colorado State University would be my dream college since Colorado is in the top five colleges for veterinary medicine, and the class size seems to be more on the smaller side. Kansas State University would be my most realistic college since the requirements of having a 21 Act and anything over a 980 Sat would be easy enough to succeed in, and my other reason is that the distance from home is only 97.8 miles which is close to two hours. The majors I have been thinking about going into would be veterinarian, or a physical therapist. I would have to go into an endorsement to ensure that I would teach Preschool-3 grade, University of Nebraska Lincoln does not offer the veterinarian courses at this time, and University of Nebraska Lincoln…

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  • Reflection: My Journey To Colorado State University

    Reflections Growing up, I went to a school form Kindergarten until my Senior year of High School. I grew up in a town of about a 100 people and held no job opportunities for your future. My parents had my brother and I when they were very young, so they weren’t exactly the kind of parents that gave us a bright future to look forward too. When deciding where I was going to college, the obvious choice to most of my class was to attend the community college about 30 minutes from our high school.I…

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  • Hug Machine Essay

    Considered the most influential Autism speaker and humane animal treatment activist in the world, Dr. Temple Grandin has changed the face of slaughter house designs and functions immensely throughout the United States.…

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  • How Does Grandin Influence The Agriculture Industry

    Agriculture Dr. Temple Grandin is one of the most accomplished and well-known adults with autism in the world and she has played a large part in improving the animal agriculture industry. She is an American professor of animal science at Colorado State University, world renowned autism spokesperson and consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior (Hauser, 2010). She has influenced the lives of many people and has made many accomplishments that have influenced the animal agriculture…

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  • CSU-Global Risk Management Case Study: Colorado State University

    element, that impacts businesses, industries and individuals regularly. While risk exposure is not preventable, it is manageable through the implementation of a structured risk management process. The traditional risk management process is comprised of six steps, the identification of loss exposure, analyzing loss exposure, examining the feasibility of the risk management technique chosen, selecting the best risk management technique, implanting the selected technique, and lastly, monitoring…

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  • Temple Grandin Autism Case Study

    for her to keep her machine she had to prove its worth with experiments. While conducting them, she figured out what she wanted to be; Temple wanted to be a scientist. Temple was now on the road that would lead her to her Ph.D. She was accepted at a small college. This college was in the same town as her high school. She wanted to study the behavior of cattle in different types of cattle chutes. Her animal-science professor told her to forget it. Temple left that class and went to one across…

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  • Chick-Fil-A Personal Statement

    I toured for a day and came back inspired and ready to make a change at CSU. The fact that the students and faculty were truly able to reach out to me and influence me to make a difference in only a day shows the university’s amazing ability to inspire others throughout the world. I want to be a part of an institution that will leave a lasting impact on the world—and Colorado State University will allow me to make permanent, lasting connections with others that I can use to impact and influence…

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  • Argumentative Essay On My Academic Journey

    Article Gilman uses ethos effectively establishing his credentials. He starts by acknowledging his job at Yale University as the academic librarian.” By knowing what audience appeals the author is utilizing, you can better understand how the author achieves their purpose. By understanding this, you can see better ways to use them in your own writing not only for CO150, but in other classes like world drama and eventually in your business career. The second piece of high stakes work that you…

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  • I Want To Be A Music Educator Essay

    would be. I wanted to specifically study voice and viola. Unfortunately I had to choose one or the other for my major. When I auditioned for the different colleges: “University of Northern Colorado”, “Colorado University”, and “Colorado State University” , I still did not know what my focus would be. I decided to audition for the choral and instrumental department. The auditioning process was rigorous, competitive, and very nerve racking. I was not very experienced in soloistic performing. I…

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  • Why Do Honey Bee Die

    Death of the Colorado Small Business, Due to the Death of the Honeybee Charles Darwin, once said, “The life of man would be extremely difficult if the bee disappeared”. Humans have depended on agriculture, as a source of food, since the Neolithic Era. Back then humans didn’t know much about how, or why things grow, or taste the way they do. Pollinators such as the honeybee, played a huge part in helping those early crops along, and have carried the burden pollination and production since…

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