I Want To Be A Music Educator Essay

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Ever since I could remember, my father would always play our Steinway piano in our living room. The sound would always flow through the walls. My father would let me sit on the bench with him and I would press the keys down. The excitement that rushed through me was uncontrollable. When I was seven I had the privilege to take piano lessons. I was not enthusiastic about practicing, but I stuck with it for nine years. After my lessons stopped I continued to pursue piano as a serious hobby. I have accompanied my high school choirs, orchestras, and bands numerous times in concerts and competitions. Shortly after I started piano lessons I joined my school 's orchestra and choir class. I chose to play viola and sang soprano in the choir. I loved my music classes, and always looked forward to the rehearsals and performances.

For a while I have always known what I wanted to do. The idea popped into my mind when I was in middle school, and I have
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I have had great teachers who have inspired me like my old choir teacher Susan Kullman. I have also had teachers who I believe should have chosen a different profession. Since I have had these experiences, it has inspired me to be an enthusiastic, hard working, likeable teacher. I want to educate others and open doors and opportunities for them. I want them to always leave my class with a smile on their face and questions running through their minds. When you are influencing, educating, and helping students it is a very satisfying happy feeling. I want to inspire others. The musical community is so friendly and close. I love the social aspect and connections that are possible. I do not have a certain age group I want to teach. I strongly believe that every group has something unique about it, and I would love to teach every level. I am currently more experienced and comfortable teaching choirs and orchestras. But I am always open minded when it comes to teaching

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