Reflection: My Journey To Colorado State University

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Growing up, I went to a school form Kindergarten until my Senior year of High School.
I grew up in a town of about a 100 people and held no job opportunities for your future. My parents had my brother and I when they were very young, so they weren’t exactly the kind of parents that gave us a bright future to look forward too. When deciding where I was going to college, the obvious choice to most of my class was to attend the community college about 30 minutes from our high school.I had other dreams in mind, I wanted to get out of that small town and as fast as I could. I decided to attend Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. I had always loved Fort Collins, and going there seemed to be my ticket out of the small town life.
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Graduation approached quickly and I worked all summer which made the time go by quickly.
August had finally come and it was time to begin packing a making a two-hour drive to move into my dorm.My grandma and my mom went and helped me to get settled into my dorm,
I was on the top floor and what a view I had. My roommate was more than I could ask for and I couldn’t wait to get to know her better. As my first few weeks of class went really well and I was extremely busy, but the homesickness started to settle in.I had a boyfriend back home that I had been in a relationship with for almost two years, and had never been apart for more than a few days. I started to go home every weekend and the weekends turned into staying Monday’s, which turned into going home on Friday’s, and that turned into sometimes staying home for a week and missing class all together. My grades severely suffered from this and my interest in college went completely down the drain. The semester was nearly over, and I made the decision to not return back for the Spring semester.That was the hardest choice I ever made, and one that
I didn’t make lightly. Being homesick was almost unbearable for me and I knew that my
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After only working for two weeks, I was sitting in class with the students and I could feel
God speaking to me telling me that I should go back to school to be a teacher. So here I am, back in school as a mother of two beautiful daughters under the age of 3, and working 30 hours a week, and I couldn’t feel more blessed for this opportunity. After taking my first college experience for granted and being so young then, I now know the importance of my education and am excited to have this opportunity to continue my education, especially at a Christian school, where I can get closer in my journey with God as well. I have high expectations and goals for myself this time around, and I will let nothing get in the way of that. Am I nervous that I won’t be able all of it?Absolutely, but now that I know what I am capable of, I can achieve my highest goals. I am striving to do my best work and make the Dean’s List. With lots of prayer, studying, and hard work, I know that I can be a successful college student at Colorado Christian University and get my teaching degree so that I have the opportunity to influence the leaders of the future.
God has truly blessed with the path he has led me down, and everyone always says, “everything happens for a

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