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  • The Benefits Of High School Education In High Schools

    During my time in high school, our choir went to state every year, the art department won first in show year after year, and our forensics team won state two out of the three years I participated. We worked incredibly hard for those achievements; however, year after year, the allotted budget for extracurricular activities went to new football uniforms, or a new score board. We never understood why they got fresh uniforms and new equipment every two years when they couldn’t win one game. All the while, music clubs were stuck sharing sheet music, and the theater department paid for their own supplies for set design. Institutions of education across America carry the weight of shaping the next generations minds. Federal and state funding directly…

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  • The Importance Of Standardized Testing In High School High Schools

    equally. For example, I went to Kelly High School, which is a public high school that was on probation and had a great deal of violence and gang problems. Everyday instead of worrying about homework and exams, I was worried about my safety. Mainly all the teachers in that high school made a hasty generalization regarding the students because they believed that all of them were immature and didn’t care about school; however, the few students that did care, like me, were deprived of having a…

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  • The Negative Effects Of High School Dropout In High Schools

    Every day more than seven thousand students will drop out of school and nearly thirteen million students per year will make this decision for various reasons. (Johnson, Dodor, Woods, & Slack, 2013) These numbers are staggering. As a result of students leaving school prior to high school graduation, they are not adequately prepared for real life. Many of these high school dropouts will suffer financial woes and end up on state and federal services. Johnson, Dodor, Woods, and Slack (2013), state;…

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  • Differences Of Consultation And Inclusion In High School And High Schools

    I interviewed Peter Arsenault who is the School Psychologist at Memorial High School in Millville, New Jersey. This is Mr. Arsenault’s third year at the high school level. Previously he worked at the middle school in our district. During the interview we discussed consultation and inclusion, particularly at the high school level. Before we even began to discuss the topics of consultation and inclusion, Mr. Arsenault and I spoke of the differences between middle school and high school. One major…

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  • Media In High School

    wanted to explore how realistic the media portrays school in the United States. When I was younger I attended a private school and used to watch family sitcoms that would portray public high school students and I always thought that 's how it was.... boy was I wrong! My sophomore year I transferred to a public high school and it was nothing like the image that the media created for a typical high school in the United States. I 've always wanted to understand why the media (TV shows, movies,…

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  • The Importance Of High School

    While I was growing up I thought every public school was like mine, with bad food and strict schedules. As I transitioned from middle school to high school I learned that there were better public schools. My school, Sunnyside High School, had a 48% graduation rate when I was a freshman. The community was mainly made up of undocumented farm workers, including my parents. The high school was doing so poorly that a professional principle had to come and change the school system. We started to get…

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  • Dilemmas In High School

    concentration. There is even a small table at which one student is peeling and slicing a banana, which he then proceeds to share with his classmates as he walks around the room, his head held high in diplomatic responsibility. The rest of the vivacious room is carpeted in blue, at the center of which is a square red…

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  • High School Problems

    (source). The problem is that people in my school are unaware or don 't know enough about going into college; to solve this we must provide more information from counselors about college. Getting colleges and high schools involved with each other is the missing piece to this problem. I am personally going through the struggle of not feeling ready for college after my senior year of high school. The audience should care because it effects students in high schools which are the people who…

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  • At Risk In High School

    just another statistic. Connie Heerman tried to help her struggling high school students by incorporating a plan similar to the one in "The Freedom Writers" but, was suspended. Leon Botstein states that high school doesn 't prepare students for the real world because of the lack of seriousness. School board officials should better connect themselves with their teachers and allow them to incorporate anything beneficial…

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  • High School Experience

    “High school isn 't a very important place. When you 're going you think it 's a big deal, but when it 's over nobody really thinks it was great unless they 're beered up.” (Carrie by Stephen King) My high school experience was not the greatest and I can very much relate to that quote from Carrie. My high school career had the potential to have been better, where I could have graduated instead of attaining my GED. There were three main things that interfered with my high school education.…

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