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  • School Uniforms In High Schools

    their style of hair, and even whom they are friends with. Many schools around the world allow students to do just that. But recently, high schools have been enforcing a stricter dress code by demanding students to wear school uniforms. Common uniforms include khaki pants, a plain collared shirt, and classic plain, white shoes. Over the past few years, public high school uniforms have steadily increased. The National Center for Education showed that, “as of 2007-2008, 16.5% of public school require a school uniform” (“How Many Schools Have Uniforms or Standardized Dress?”). Because more schools are demanding a uniformed dress code, the percentage has gradually gone up. According to “School Uniforms- ProCon.org”,…

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  • High Student Relationships In High School

    One of the best experiences in life is going through the formative years during the high school stage. There are a lot of fond and memorable times during high school that one wishes this stage could last forever. One of the things that make this phase such a remarkable time in one 's life is the sweet times that one experiences with their high school sweetheart. That is why it becomes quite a challenge for high school graduates to keep their relationships going when they get admitted to college.…

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  • High School Stress

    Unfortunately, it has been an increase in the stress levels of many high school students. From the pressure of final exams up to playful extracurricular activities, plays a huge role in making this so. However, the question still remains, what can be done to assist in preventing stress to develop so consecutively in high school students? What should take place? The problems of high school stress in its students are very inclusive. Problems mostly spoken of are the ones that consist of having…

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  • Ideal High School

    The ideal high school is very subjective. Even so, many have made attempts at such a lofty feat, but however impossible the goal is, the path towards that goal is surprisingly straight forward. No one would call the high schools of today ideal, but with a few tweaks, the average high school can get close. The layman may believe the role of a high school is solely to educate students, but nothing is further from the truth. A high school’s job is to prepare students for being an adult. Each…

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  • Homeschooling In High School

    student, the decision of choosing what high school to pick can be a big step or even challenging, but what if homeschooling could be a decision for kids that want to learn one-on, or kids that want to learn more than just the standards that are taught at regular school setting. For some students, its very challenging to learn with fifteen or so students. There are some kids that want learn what they will actually learn in the real world and not stuff that will never help them in life. Regular…

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  • High School Observation

    I did my observations at E.W. Grove High School and William Blount High School. Something I found interesting was that both high schools have a night grade only school. The focus on having just a ninth grade program is to get all the students acquainted as a class and being in high school. Both high schools had students who lived on a farm and some that have never experienced farm life. Then you had a hand few that were put into the class because there was no other options for them. I…

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  • High School Dropout

    Out: High School edition When people feel that there is no hope or chance to strive for what they want, they will give up. Teens in this generation today make decisions without thinking about how it effects their future. The high school dropout rate is higher than it has ever been now than it was 40 years ago (Rumberger 3). Students these days neglect to understand that the problem why they are getting distracted is teen pregnancies, and high school cliques, alongside with these two causes’…

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  • At Risk In High School

    just another statistic. Connie Heerman tried to help her struggling high school students by incorporating a plan similar to the one in "The Freedom Writers" but, was suspended. Leon Botstein states that high school doesn 't prepare students for the real world because of the lack of seriousness. School board officials should better connect themselves with their teachers and allow them to incorporate anything beneficial…

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  • High School Careers

    community charter high school patriots, class of 2016, for making it through all 4 years! As your class counselor, Markel Malykin, I wanted to congratulate you and guide you on your way one more last time. Now all of you seniors who are culminating, are making a huge life decision; should I go to college or go for a career straight out of high school? What I mean by this is are students going to go jump right into the workforce or are they going to take their time now to build stepping stones to…

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  • Dropout In High Schools

    When finding the source of the high dropout rates in the U.S., one should realize that there are many factors to consider such as the curriculum, poverty, and race. However, it is easier to deem the student lazy and decide that time, the effort, and the resources do not need to be wasted on them. Many students have claimed that school isn’t “interesting” enough for it to be worth their time. The Washington Post’s Valerie Strauss speculates whether the Common Core standards will double the high…

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