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  • New High School Diploma Essay

    College is the New High School Graduating from high school is not what it used to be. It used to be the push that leads the transition into adult hood by getting a job, purchasing a house, and starting a family. In the past, some graduates decided to attend college, while others decided to immediately start living their lives. A college degree has become the new high school diploma where a bachelor’s degree is the minimal credentials for obtaining an entry-level job. In todays world there are many reasons why a college degree has become the new high school diploma. A college diploma is the new high school diploma because of the loss of true academic learning achievement standards in the educational system. In present day the world is facing…

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  • Why Is It Important To Have A High School Diploma Essay

    As it is I am the only person in my immediate family to graduate with a high school diploma. That was really important to my mother and father. At the time I just assumed that was the norm. My mom did go back and get her GED which really showed me it is never too late to still learn. My father was a high school drop but still a very smart man. He could fix anything and was just a natural problem solver. I was the only child born from my mother and father. My father went on to have three more…

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  • Advantages Of High School Diploma

    your average high school diploma or a set of skills is the key to be successful. It’s time to stop pushing all of our students to go to college, and instead push them towards the path that is right for them.(Jillian Gordon). There’s many students that go on to college when it is not for them and end up dropping out. Some believe that the associates will be equal to a high school diploma in the future and that the education you need to get a good job would require a higher form of education but…

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  • Importance Of My High School Diploma

    Going to school has been and continues to be a rewarding part of my life as I’ve been able to study and learn in different settings, take part in extracurricular activities and discover what my likes and dislikes are pertaining to school. To this day, I’ve taken two different approaches to obtaining my High School Diploma. Most of my school has been completed in a classroom where there was a teacher teaching as well as students attending at the same time and place. With E-learning, there is a…

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  • The Joys Of Pursuing My High School Diploma At Home

    socialite, but reality hit me when my mother started having more children. The more children my mother conceived it seemed the more problems I had to endure in school. This lead to me having to stay home and obtaining my high school diploma at home. Staying home trying to pursue my diploma has become beneficial to my social life in many ways such as, not worrying about what’s the latest fashion, I am able…

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  • Caregiving: The Uneserving From An Ethical Perspective

    A roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, and food in their stomach. Most prisoners today already live in a structured environment, however if I were to run a prison it would be suited to emphasize a military lifestyle. For the prisoner nothing would be free, their days would consist of work to cover the cost of their incarceration. Not only would they be working to pay for the bed they sleep in, the food they eat, and the clothes on their backs, it would be mandatory for every prisoner…

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  • Graduation Speech: Twin Valley High School

    Well, class of 2016 … today you become official graduates of Twin Valley High School. And I can’t tell you how proud I am of each and every one of you. These last 12 years may have seemed like a long road with some ups and downs along the way. But you’ll be leaving here today with many accomplishments to your credit, a high school diploma and I hope some very good memories. So you and your parents (who have been there with you through thick and thin) deserve heartfelt congratulations for…

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  • Quality Of Life Research

    furniture, location, etc. The focus is on income with a High School education compared to income without a High School education, for the reason that it is more relevant for my audience. All statistics for income are from Statistics Canada. Starting off simple these are graphs for how many high school graduates make a certain income, and then how many high school dropouts make the same income. The same concept applies for the other graphs as well. For example, 3.1 High School Graduates make…

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  • The Main Purpose Of Going To College Or University Essay

    “What is the main purpose of going to college or university” Those people who finished up with high school, they might be thinking about whether to continue their higher education by starting with college or university. There are diverse ideas and opinion related to the main purpose of why people attending college or university. According to Michelle Adam’s article “Is college worth it” the two main causes for people going to college or university are either personal and intellectual growth or…

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  • Process Essay: What To Do After High School

    After high school, what is next? A lot of high school graduates are in doubt in what to do after high school. Many students decide to go continue on to college. Others are undecided on what they should do after high school. Nowadays having a high school diploma will not get you anywhere good. At least not as good as where a college degree would take you. Also depending on the major you decide to study, determining in going to college is a big part of your future. Even if you were not the best…

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