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  • What's Wrong With Vocational School?

    There are many people who believe that college isn’t for everyone and there are many people who believe that it is. Both sides usually have valid arguments, and typically, they both stick to their belief and assume that they’re right. After reading two essays, one called “What’s Wrong with Vocational School?” by Charles Murray, and another called “On ‘Real Education’” by Robert T. Perry, I came to the conclusion that they both agree on the same thing. They both believe that no, a four-year college isn’t for everyone, but people still need some sort of education after high school, whether it’s vocational school, or some type of certificate program. After realizing that they both agreed on the same thing, I had to choose which one was more persuasive…

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  • Personal Narrative: Changing To A Vocational School

    high school, during my junior year there was an opportunity to change to a vocational school. This opportunity to enhance your education and give you a bigger edge over your classmates who would stay back at their homeschool. There was a big controversy about this place though back at the high schools, that this place was just where high schools send their terrible students and their low end students. That this was a last stop school for students, “if your there then you’re not going to get…

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  • Vocational School Vs Traditional School Essay

    Today there are so many choices when it comes to schooling such as vocational school or traditional schools. Vocational schools also known as trades schools which is a higher-level learning institution that specializes in providing students with the vocational education and technical skills they need in order to perform the tasks of a particular job. Traditional school is known as back to basics conventional education that refers to long established customs found in schools that society…

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  • Charles Murray, What's Wrong With Vocational School?

    Leaving High school isn’t the same for everyone. Some leave knowing what they want to do at the end, while others have no clue. Charles Murray expresses his disagreement that too many kids are going to four-year colleges. In his essay, “What’s wrong with Vocational School?” Murray States that Vocational schools should be more of an option to people rather than having everyone go to a four-year college. He explains that many that go to a four-year college are unqualified, basing it on their IQ…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of What's Wrong With Vocational School

    In Charles Murray’s What’s Wrong with Vocational School he claims that only a certain percentage of high school graduates are going to college and will pass. Murray is trying to appeal to the students with high IQ’s and tell them that going to vocational school might be more educational and the students will learn more while getting jobs that pay more sometimes six figures. Murray also argues that sometimes going into the work force after high school is better than going to college because a…

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  • Charles Murray What's Wrong With Vocational School Summary

    with Vocational School?” by Charles Murray is a great article that highlights what ails the education system and the United States of America’s economy. Murray prods the readers to question why the vocational schools are not taken seriously in the United States of America. The American higher education system has been overrated to the extent that all parents would like their children to end up in the best colleges and universities even if their IQ does not allow them to excel in them. Murray is…

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  • What's Wrong With Vocational School By Charles Murray Summary

    piece with the title “What's Wrong With Vocational School,” published in The Wall Street Journal. Murray argues that not every high school graduates should go to a four year college and waste their time. Murry starts with giving his opinion, citing convincing facts and statistics, and employing very few emotional appeals; however, at the end of the piece, his attempts to appeal to logic ultimately weakens his argument. Charles Murray is an American libertarian, political scientist, sociologist,…

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  • Analysis: Vocation Or Exploration: Pondering The Purpose Of College

    my high school councilors talk to my class about alternative education, it was always college, college, college, from day one. So in turn, I never pondered the questions; where am I going?, why am I doing this?,or, what is the purpose of all this? As Alina Tugend, New York Times journalist, writes in her article “Vocation or Exploration: Pondering the Purpose of College,” she asks the question, what is the purpose of college education. In “Vocation or Exploration: Pondering the Purpose of…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Hiring Managers

    Already discussed are possible consequences if individuals in the medical profession do not have proper training. Indeed, industries bearing a high amount of liability towards clients must take special care to weed out vocational imposters. Since airline pilots, lawyers, doctors, commercial drivers, heavy machine operators, police, and the employers of these bear tremendous liability, a heightened burden of due diligence is required of hiring managers to protect lives and the environment. While…

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  • The Influence Of Hands On Learning

    with your children. Imagine a son and a father are wanting to start a remodel project and the son doesn’t know how to run some of the tools. Many schools across the nation are eliminating technical and vocational programs such as metal shop, wood shop, home economics or computer programing. This makes it really difficult for some who may find the hands on learning that shop classes offer very helpful. Beliefs have changed; everyone wants everything to be safe. Even if they have to accept issues…

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