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  • The Six Principles Of Persuasion In Teen Vogue

    In middle school I had always been infatuated with the Teen Vogue magazines. I loved looking at the latest fashion trends, hearing about the newest makeup products, and reading the recent interviews with A-List celebrities. Almost seven years later, I’m back looking at my old Teen Vogue magazines, realizing that many of the advertisements placed in the magazines aren’t necessarily appropriate for Teen Vogue’s target market- especially one in particular. Using the persuasive technique “sex sells” to uphold the goal of having a consistent brand image of being a “fun, fashionable, and sexy” (Marciano, 2016) company, ineffectively placing the advertisement in a February 2010 edition of Teen Vogue, as well as failing to follow the principles of…

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  • Harper's Bazaar Magazine Analysis

    The magazine industry is one of the most viable and adaptable markets that provides to consumers, businesses, and professionals. In today’s society they are a guide into the fashion world. Magazines aim to showcase fashion in variety of ways. These magazines target specific age groups, gender, and even social classes by specifically designing the content of the magazines. Especially in an era where printed magazines is declining due to technological advances in the way readers can view…

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  • Fashion Magazine Analysis

    most popular magazines globally, Vogue was founded in 1892 by Arthur Turnure. The magazine’s categories include fashion, makeup, art, health and entertainment; it is a comprehensive lifestyle magazine. The powerful influence and long history have consolidated its important status in the fashion industry. Since…

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  • Madonna's Influence On Fashion

    Famous or well-known people and industries promote these trends, which pushes people into a new culture of fashion. Madonna is a great example for someone that impacted the fashion world by the way she promoted it. Her style was the most copied and pursued look prominently in the 80’s. Madonna appeared on TV, many music videos, on big screen movies, and had her own concerts. She was an inspiration to a variety of women but specifically targeted young females. Madonna changed pop culture…

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  • The Fashion Industry Should Not Be Held Responsible For Eating Disorders: Article Analysis

    Women across the globe will do whatever it takes to become a model. Being a model Comes with great responsibility. When you are a model you are supposed to set an image of yourself and the people around you. Working in fashion industry you have to have tough skin because people would tell you your ears stick out too much, your skin is not clear enough, or your body doesn 't fit the part. You have to meet for photo shoot on very cold days and very hot days wearing different seasons just because…

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  • The Role Of Flappers In The 1920's

    The 1920 's wasn 't just called the "Roaring Twenties" for no reason. This was a time of social and political change throughout the century. From the several new inventions to women finally establishing their right to vote gives the century this nickname. How women held themselves, their new fashion sense, and the way they were viewed were completely changing. From the famous ‘flapper’ to common everyday women, these changes were increasing in society. Along with the nickname “Roaring…

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  • Similarities Between Toohey And Gail Wynand

    Power is the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. On one hand power could be control over people that results in success, fame, and money. On the other hand, it could mean someone 's own power within, to get what they love most done. The first example defines Ellsworth Toohey and Gail Wynand. Throughout their life, they both viewed that their work would outcome into success, glory, and riches. These people are known throughout the novel as,…

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  • Robert Browning's 'My Last Duchess'

    Has anyone ever prevented you from doing something you wanted to do? If yes, you are not alone as it happens to a number of people, and if not, it’s likely an acquaintance has. In Robert Browning’s “My Last Duchess,” the Duke disliked the duchess’s behavior and eventually ended her life because he was extremely displeased and dissatisfied with not only her actions, but also with her nature. Browning exemplifies the Duke’s obsession for power in his marriage through his reaction to the last…

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  • Teen Vogue Research Paper

    Join Us for the 14th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party Overview Teen Vogue is the only magazine that offers young trendsetters everywhere an authentic source for emerging fashion, beauty and pop culture with the sophistication of the Vogue brand. Since the magazine launched of our first issue in February 2003, we have gained a growing amount of recognition with five million print audiences and six million online audiences. Once a year, Teen Vogue issues a Young Hollywood edition for the…

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  • Interpreting Non-Conformity In The Song 'Free Your Mind'

    express one’s individuality. The music group En Vogue were an American R&B girl group that was established in 1988. The band started in Oakland, California and within their time frame of stardom, they hit number two on the US hot 100. En Vogue performed in genres of R&B, pop, and soul along with selling more than 20 million records worldwide. Lastly, the group has won seven MTV Video Music Awards, three Soul Train Awards, two American Music Awards, and received seven Grammy nominations.…

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