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  • Volleyball Assignment In Volleyball

    Volleyball Assignment Piper McFarlane 1) A diagram of the court and label/find a picture which shows where the centre line, attack line, baseline and free-zone is. 2) What are the main shots permitted in volleyball? The game of volleyball requires adequate skill and ability, which relies on a range of different shots. The serve, dig, set and spike. Being able to direct the ball utilising these shots are essential in gaining expertise in the sport. 3) How many players allowed on the court? The correct set up of a volleyball court requires six players. Three in the front row and three behind in the back row. 4) What are the separate roles of the players? The team is separated into specific individual…

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  • Obstacles In Volleyball

    Have you ever wondered what muscles are used when playing volleyball? Lets slow spiking a volleyball all the way down to each individual movement and figure out what muscles are involved from the very beginning to the end. To understand these many movements required in a volleyball spike you must first know the steps of spiking a volleyball, the joints, and the muscles involved. Volleyball is a widely known sport that uses all major muscle groups in just one simple movement such as the spike. …

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  • Volleyball Informative Speech

    of Speech: The Game of Volleyball: Its Beginnings and the Physical Effects it Can Have Specific Purpose: My audience will understand how and when volleyball was created, the rules and positions, and the physical effects it can have on a person. Thesis: The game of volleyball has been around for years, filled with rules and positions, and can cause many physical effects on those who play. Introduction I. Attention Getter i. (PowerPoint of a picture of myself and my high school team) It was the…

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  • Lesson Plan For Volleyball

    Lesson: Volleyball Skill Description: The motor skill involves two teams hitting a volleyball back and forth over a net without letting the ball hit the floor. Which ever team lets the ball hit the floor loses the point. Games are to 25 points, and only three touches on the ball are allowed per side before it has to be sent over the net. This game is worthy of teaching fourth graders because it teaches them about teamwork, quick thinking, communication, cooperation, etc. Teamwork and…

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  • Volleyball Training

    positive results will show on and off the playing field. The game of volleyball requires the player to have muscular strength in both the lower and upper body regions. In order to perform at a high level, volleyball players need a physical training program optimizing their biomotor abilities. The law of specificity states that there is…

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  • Compare And Contrast Soccer And Volleyball

    Sports! Almost everyone loves to play them, but the question is which one? Between soccer and volleyball, many people feel that soccer is the better sport. Both soccer and volleyball are played worldwide by both men and women, but “Soccer is the biggest global sport and a top 10 sport in all countries measured,” as stated by biggestglobalsports.com. Volleyball and soccer are played differently in many ways. They also have incredibly different histories to them. Volleyball is now 100 years…

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  • Personal Essay: My Passion For Volleyball

    Growing up, I always had a volleyball in my hands. I craved competition and had a desire to win. I worked hours on end, improving my skills. However, I most appreciate the irreplaceable bond my teammates and I formed over the years of practice, tournaments, and games. My passion for volleyball all began in the first grade when my mother dropped me off at my first volleyball camp. I timidly entered the gym, full of unfamiliar girls running and warming up. My hair was in pigtails and my…

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  • Personal Statement Essay: My Passion For Volleyball

    I have played volleyball ever since I can remember. I have played club, school, JV, Varsity, nationally, internationally, and have spent more hours than I can count dedicated to volleyball. My passion for the sport has given me so many special attributes. Being on a team my whole life has given me collaborative abilities where I have become a reliable and supportive teammate. I have been the captain of my club teams every year since I began. This role of leadership has extended beyond my…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Trojan Girls Volleyball

    I am almost positive that all of you in this room know what is it like to lose. How did you react? Were you bitter? Did you cry? You might’ve been angry or maybe you didn't even care. The last time I can recall losing…. I was overjoyed. I was on the Trojan Girls Volleyball Team. Our team consisted of eleven girls and we were competing for the finals against the team from Pewaukee. Throughout the game I felt excitement, then frustration, and last but definitely not least…..satisfaction. Before…

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  • How Did William G. Morgan Play Volleyball?

    William G. Morgan created the game of volleyball, originally called “mintonette”, in 1859. Four years earlier, one of his friends invented the game of basketball. However, Morgan saw the need for a game that did not require a fast pace as basketball did. He wanted a game that the average person would be able to enjoy. The game he created was a combination of baseball, basketball, tennis and handball. The first to play volleyball was a group of workers from the Holyoke, Massachusetts YMCA. They…

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