Madonna's Influence On Fashion

The United Sates of America is known across the world as the land of the free. Since technology was still fairly new in the 1980’s, compared to nowadays, the engineers didn’t realize how much technology was going to affect American society in the long run. Social media began through television and newspapers and in the 1980’s it played a big role on the American society, especially the fashion that most people were into. There were commercials that advertised and were persuadable enough to catch the consumer’s eye which lead society into buying more things just to ‘fit in’. Most of the 1980’s fashion was drawn from the famous musicians and pop music, for example, Madonna had a large influence on a certain group of women. This was the time …show more content…
Famous or well-known people and industries promote these trends, which pushes people into a new culture of fashion. Madonna is a great example for someone that impacted the fashion world by the way she promoted it. Her style was the most copied and pursued look prominently in the 80’s. Madonna appeared on TV, many music videos, on big screen movies, and had her own concerts. She was an inspiration to a variety of women but specifically targeted young females. Madonna changed pop culture into a new direction and affected high-end fashion that is still prevalent until this day. In her music videos, she wore clothes that were more scandalous than previously worn by other pop singers, which made her stand out. In the Vogue article, “Madonna’s Head Trip”, by David Handelman, he mentions a statement from Madonna stating, “After being in the Midwest, wearing an ugly baseball uniform, and being incredibly unsexy, I was just dying to get into my own thing!” Her style didn’t become recognized until she was famous. She also empowered women to be individual and to be more open-minded to things of the world. Many people thought Madonna was much more than just an ordinary music star and became an inspiration for American women to feel confident about themselves. She accomplished conveying her message by how she freely dressed the way she wanted to do so. Madonna had a signature look but her style also embraced fragments of fashion from all aspects of 80’s society. Fashion idols show how innovative and unique the 80’s decade was to industries and how impacting they were to the American

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