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  • Globalization In The 19th Century

    Globalization Globalization occurs as one of the most novel phenomena that have taken the world by a storm. While much has been hypothesized regarding this phenomenon, it is important to note that there exits distinct factors that drive it. Since the sixteenth century to the present, there are various key factors identified as the key drivers of globalization. Transportation is one of the major factors that have and continue to drive globalization from the sixteenth century to the present. In the past, development of various trade routes allowed merchants to traverse across the globe. As such, transportation aligned with various trade routes allowed the merchants to exchange goods and services across the globe; hence, resulting in globalization.…

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  • The Seventeenth Century: The High Middle Ages

    Continuing, “The High Middle Ages” (1200-1400), the Gieses broke the era into two centuries; the 13th century was considered the “Golden Century, an era of affluence and growth” in contrast the 14th century of catastrophe and contraction (Gies 166). The 6th chapter is devoted to the High Middle Ages, the authors elaborate on the continuation of technological momentums that the Europeans experienced during this first century of this era. Another advancement that must be mentioned of is the…

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  • Childhood In The 20th Century

    20th century was the reformation of education. Towards the beginning of the century, education replaced child-labor. In past centuries, parents needed their children to help contribute to family income, so they had them work long hours. In the early 20th century, society recognized…

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  • The Feminist Movement In The 19th Century

    only just appeared within the past 200 years. Feminist movements in the nineteenth century placed a particular focus on gaining basic rights for women, were more focused in the Western world, and offered less diversity in their expressions as compared to feminist movements in the second half of the twentieth century. However, feminist movements of both eras were fundamentally based in the idea of female rights, had a basis on white and middle class women, were international in scope, and also…

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  • Dueling In The 19th Century

    While today many would view a battle between two men to preserve their honor as foolish, in the nineteenth century and earlier, men believed dueling was the only resort to maintain this honor and prove their manliness. Dueling began declining since its beginning due to government involvement and modernization. By explaining the history of dueling and the process of its decline, this paper will explain that dueling continued throughout the nineteenth century, despite significant efforts to end…

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  • 21st Century Diversity

    Current attempts to promote racial, sexual and gender based diversity amongst technology companies are beneficial to the health of said companies. Diversity initiatives are important for three reasons: the increased importance of technology in the 21st century, tech companies’ need to support their audience and the enhanced performance diverse teams bring. 1. Tech Careers Are Increasingly Important in the 21st Century Digital technology is a continuously growing part of American life. The tech…

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  • 20th Century Texas

    The growing pains in Texas during the late 19th and early 20th centuries due to expansion and modernization affect everyone. The rapid changes in Texas created chaos and prosperity for the people on the land. The swift changes caused people to face economic, social, political, and demographic issues differently and some faced with more difficult issues than others were. The demographics of the state experience great change because many were created in the cities. The people had to move in…

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  • Whales In The 19th Century

    Animals certainly have not had it easy when it comes to living alongside humans. Some of our favorite species today were abused and killed for their hides and bones to make work easier, and everyday life more luxurious. To kill another being in order make one’s life simpler seems like a ludicrous act to make, but it was normal in the 19th century. As the need of an animal’s body increased, their number’s became sparse due to the mass killing. People started to realize that without the animals…

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  • Women In The Twentieth Century

    Over the course of the 20th Century, women in Europe began to enter the workforce in larger numbers than seen in previous years. In earlier years, women were discouraged from pursuing careers outside of raising children due to the male dominated society and the fixed gender roles of the times. However, throughout the 1900s, more women began to enter the workforce in fields such as nurses, teachers, and textile workers. There were many new factors during the 20th century that made it advantageous…

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  • America In The 21st Century

    21st Century There has been lost of change throughout history in America but the 21st century has impacted the United States more than any other century has. The 21st century is from 2001-2100. There have been tons and tons of things that have changed America in this century and it has just begun, not to long ago. That shows how impactful this century will be. Some things that have happened that have impacted America the most are 9/11 terrorist attack in 2001, Barack Obama 's election in 2008,…

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