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  • Ultratra Vires Case Study

    6. ULTRA VIRES CONTRACTS A contract of company which is ultra vires, i.e., outside the objective clause as defined by memorandum of association is wholly void and is of no legal effect. The objection to an ultra vires contract is, not merely that the company ought not to have made it, but that it could not make it. The main issue is not as to the legality of the contract; but the issue is as to the competency and authority of the company to make it. An ultra vires contract which has the effect of void- ab- initio, cannot become intra vires by any reason of estoppels, lapse of time, ratification, acquiescence or delay. Any kind of performance on any side of the party can give the illegal contract any legality or be the basis of any right of…

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  • Similarities Between Hamlet And Claudius

    murders to remove the constant comparison between him and his brother and to prove that he is the better than how others view him. Hamlet goes through with the plan to murder Claudius not out of revenge but as a way to deal with all the built in stress. Ophelia is the opposite of Hamlet who ends up killing herself as she has nothing else that could fill the void. Overall the work depicts these characters as ones…

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  • Difference Between Validity And Voidability

    One can agree that it is legal for 17 year-old teenagers to sign a contract, though it will not be enforceable unless one has parental agreement. The real question becomes how to distinguish one of validity and voidability. In regards to validity, depending on the age of the child, the signed contract can be invalid because of the age and or consent. Nonetheless, the important point in minors signing contracts is the voidability of the instrument. For the minor has the right to enforce a…

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  • Case Study: The Case Of Lucy V. Zehmer

    the contract being written in Zhemer’s handwriting and the both of them signed it. Even though Zehmer told Lucy the next day that it was the liquor talking and that he didn’t want to sell the farm, the court believed that Lucy was serious about purchasing the farm because he believed the contract was legit. By believing in the contract, the next day he focused on getting the money. The night they met at the restaurant, Zehmer had told Lucy that he couldn’t get the money that night. The…

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  • Sukuk Case Study

    A. What is Sukuk? Sukuk in general can be understood as a Shariah compliant ‘bond’. In its simplest form Sukuk represents ownership of an asset or its usufruct. The claim embodied in Sukuk is not basically a claim to cash flow but an ownership claim. This also differentiates Sukuk from conventional bonds as the former proceed over interest bearing securities, whereas Sukuk are basically investment certificates involving of ownership claims in a pool of assets. B. Type of Sukuk 1) Asset Based…

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  • Miller's Business Case: Tillman V. Commercial Credi

    Unconscionable and Unenforceable After a period of time, Walker has fallen behind on payments and is now in collections, her granddaughter has composed a letter in Walker’s behalf, stating that the entire deal is unconscionable and therefore unenforceable. In contract law an unconscionable contract is one that is unjust or extremely one-sided in favor of the person who has the superior bargaining power. Courts find that unconscionable contracts usually result from the exploitation of consumers…

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  • The Importance Of Nothingness In Ernest Hemingway's A Clean Well-Lighted Place

    Nothing is Needed for Something Many people judge their success on how much they have and the material possessions around them; Ernest Hemingway, however, believes people must accept they are nothing to achieve true success and happiness. Nothingness is a difficult concept for many to grasp, but it becomes more clear with age what nothingness means. People also often do not want to accept or believe they are nothing in the world. Most believe they have a specific purpose and are in some way…

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  • Touching The Void Essay

    Touching the Void Assignment Discussion: 1. Having heard the climbers’ stories delivers a strong message and is a real wake up call, showing everyone watching/reading that even professional climbers can fail. 2. Tension and drama is created with the suspenseful music gradually getting louder, as well as the character’s sheer determination of getting out. 3. Hearing Joe, Simon and Richards point of views helps the watcher get a sense of what the characters were thinking at the time and ideas and…

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  • Touching The Void Movie Analysis

    NAME OF THE FILM: TOUCHING THE VOID. DIRECTOR: KELVIN MACDONALD YEAR: 2003 This documentary talks more about climbers. To start with, the journey started as a routine climb for two professional mountain climbers, but was quickly transformed into a disastrous ordeal that tested both climbers’ strength and mental fortitude. Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald created a documentary film touching the Void, which is based on a book written by Joe Simpson recapping the events of this historic…

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  • Touching The Void Film Analysis

    As I am someone that has no interest in mountain climbing, Kevin Macdonald’s interpretation of Joe Simpson and Simon Yates’s intrepid journey, ‘Touching the Void’, is a powerful film that is sure to turn heads and has definitely made me reconsider spending time mountain climbing. This docudrama follows a tragic incident that results in one man’s fight for survival after Joe and Simon’s descent up the unclimbed Peruvian Andes and ends with the audience questioning what they would do. To achieve…

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