Touching The Void Analysis

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Feud Within Touching the Void is a compelling, vigorous and intimate story that uses emotional, figurative language to broaden the seriousness of the situations that lies before the climbers. It captures your attention and causes you to be fully engaged in the book in order to understand the reality of the situation. The creation of Touching the Void by Joe Simpson, began in 1985 when Joe Simpson and Simon Yates decided to climb Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes. The freezing temperatures, lack of warmth, hydration and food made the climb excruciating day by day. After three days of ascending, disaster struck. Simpson fell braking several bones in his leg. With no rescue available, they decided to attempt to descend together. It was the most agonizing and painful process that could have been deadly for both. Unfortunately, another incident occurred when Yates accidentally lowered Simpson over a crevasse. The gradient gone from steep to vertical and they were no longer able to hold on. Certain they were about to be pulled to their deaths. Yates was stuck with …show more content…
Joe and Simon made the bold decision to climb the mountain because they were determined to reach the top. After enduring all the mishaps, they were driven to get off the mountain and back to base. During the Journey down Joe uses a lot of figurative language by describing his pain as “Fierce burning fire” he also describes his thoughts of death as “Something dark with dread.” He is not only portraying fear but giving a sense of confusion. Once he is aware of his injury, he uses bold short sentences to enhance the tension as he is thinking would he be “left here? Alone.” Although Joe is at his worst, and in no condition to move forward. He is motivated by listening to this “Voice” in his head, and he gets through the lowest point and doesn’t give

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