Overcoming Obstacles: Into Thin Air By Jon Krakauer

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There are many challenges and obstacles that we face, both mentally and physically in life. After reading, “Into Thin Air,” written by Jon Krakauer, he shares his, along with others experiences of climbing Mount Everest. During this journey, climbers had to mentally and physically prepare themselves for any obstacles that headed their way. Krakauer, in particular, had prior climbing experience, but wasn’t as experience in higher altitudes such as Everest. Unfortunately, some climbers didn’t make it out alive. Meanwhile, many were left stranded and injured. After reading the book, I believe natural causes were apart the main source and the reason why many died, so I wouldn’t necessarily say there was a particular person that was held responsible, but believe it was a combination of almost everything. In the next paragraph, I’ll go into further explanation. Throughout the entire book, the climbers faced many obstacles. Some were in their control, meanwhile others were not, the weather for instance being an example of that. When planning to hike Mount Everest, many had prepared themselves ahead of time, meanwhile others not so …show more content…
Why would the Nepal Government allow inexperienced people to climb Mount Everest? Well the answer is easy, money. Although they didn’t that much experience, what matter the most was the amount of money they had to offer. In the eyes of the government it didn’t matter if they didn’t have experience nor if they amateurs. It all came down to one thing, money. If the people had trained beforehand I do believe they would have handles the obstacles better than they did. In chapter one Krakauer is aware of this saying, “ushering a gaggle of relatively inexperienced amateurs […] into an apparent death trap?” (krakauer 8). In that quote, it foreshadows what will happen in the future because from early on Krakauer knows it’s not safe and that it may even cause

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