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  • Importance Of Contract In The Entertainment Contract

    The purpose of having contracts in the Entertainment Business is to ensure all parties understand what they are entering into with each party. It is essential that each person or corporation are aware of each clause in a contract as they are bound by anything stipulated in the contract until the term of the agreement ends. Here are 10 clauses that may be found in a basic Entertainment contract. Contract may vary depending on the terms agreed upon by all parties. Clause 1 USE OF NAME AND LIKENESS 
10. Artist/Event grants to the Sponsor the right to use the Artist/Event 's name and likeness for advertising and promotional materials during the term of this agreement in connection with the Sponsor 's Products. The purpose of this clause which is taken from a…

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  • The Six Elements Of A Contract, According To Bilateral Contract

    This contract is a bilateral contract, according to Bilateral Contract (n.d.); “a bilateral contract contains a promise by each party to fulfill certain obligations to complete the deal” (Bilateral Contract, n.d.). This contract will talk about the six elements of contract formation, factors/restrictions of this contract, and the ethical issues of this contract. Six Elements of Contract Formation According to Elements of a Contract (n.d.), there are six elements of contract formation. They are:…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of A Contract

    depends on whether a legal contract had been formed between the parties. a) Whether an offer was made by or to Peter? b) Had the offer been accepted by both the parties? A Contract is an agreement made between two or more people that creates legal rights and obligations that are enforceable by the courts (Miles et al, 2013, p.281). Elements such as Intention, Offer, Acceptance and Consideration are essential to the validity of a contract. Peter is the owner of a ‘Sofa Store’ and looks to sell…

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  • Contract Law Essay

    Answer Essay 1. A contract is a binding agreement between two or more persons or parties and make a promise or set of promises for the breach of which the law in some way recognizes a duty. The interactions that are included in a valid contract are offer, acceptance, consideration, capacity, and legality. Offer: The first element in a valid contract would be offer. if there is no offer than there will be no contract. Every contract involves at least 2 parties, the offeror which is the one who…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Contracts

    Contracts are promises, offers, and/or agreements made between two or more parties that becomes legally binding and enforcing (Kubasek, p.304). Regarding the situation of Sam Stevens, he created a new security protection inside his apartment, verbally agreed to have it sold from a chain supply store, and then was notified of eviction due to his security protection disturbing the surrounding neighbors. Between Sam and the store, there was never a signed contract made, but as stated above, Sam did…

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  • Bilateral Contract Law

    problem question deals with aspects of contract law and more specifically with the creation of contracts ; then the certainty and obligation to create legal obligations and finally with problems in agreement process. In fact, Gordon has to provide major building work in his new commercial premises. Ritebuild Ltd offers to perform contract for a fixed price which was accepted by Gordon the 1st september. But Ritebuild sent an email the same day to change the original price. Gordon didn’t see it.…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Contract

    A contract is a settlement creating requirements enforced by law. A contract is made up of four elements, which makes a contract valid. These elements are agreement, consideration, contractual capacity and lawful object. Agreement, to make a contract enforceable, there must be a settlement between the parties. This requires an offer by the offeror and an acceptance of the offer by the offeree. There must be mutual assent by the parties (Cheeseman, Henry R (2013). These four elements constitutes…

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  • Disadvantages Of Unconscionable Contract

    Amy entered into a contract to rent to own a home theater setup and later while window shopping she found the same system to buy for $1000. After unsuccessfully trying to cancel her contract with High Note, she alleges that the contract is unconscionable because it calls for a sales price several times greater than the prevailing market price of the Alpo XL2. Unconscionable contract simply means one party of the contract benefits substantially over the other one (Cheeseman H. R., 2012, pp.…

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  • Contract Creation And Enforcement Analysis

    Contract Creation and Enforcement Contracts are the critical elements of the everyday business operations, as they clearly define the positions of each party. Nonetheless, some legal issues have a tendency to exist due to the complicated structure and the vitality of the particular elements for the contract creation. The primary purpose of this paper is to discover the nature of the contract formation and enforcement by analysis the essential elements for the contract establishment, Statute of…

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  • Professional Contract Formation Essay

    Professional Contract Formation The idea of creating a contract is to have two or more parties agree to something. This idea is to protect those involved in the exchange. For many circumstances, when dealing with contracts, it can become a hassle, this especially true for agreements without paper written contracts. Such situations can end up in court, this to allow the law to figure out who is right or wrong. With a written contract, the courts or laws can decide who benefits from the terms of…

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