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  • Value Of Real Estate

    Contents Introduction 2 Literature Review 3 Discussion 5 Introduction Real property is defined as the benefits, rights, interests and encumbrances that are inherent in the ownership of a physically present real estate. Real estate is taken to be the land along with all the improvements that maybe permanently affixed to that land. Real estate valuation is hence a means of providing quantitative measure of all the liabilities and benefits associated with ownership of the real estate. Different market players seek to carry out real estate valuation. These include real estate agents, assessors, appraisers, brokers, investors, property developers, lenders, mortgage lenders, market analysts and other consultants. Practitioners and researchers who have studied the real estate market, perceive it to be a series of localized submarkets. Every micro market is perceived to have an impact on all properties that trade in that particular market. Evidence from empirical research does support this segmented market hypothesis. However not much clarity exists as to whether this segmented market perspective leads to a more efficient estimate of real estate value. Real estate, it is often…

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  • Real Estate Agent Essay

    How Do Real Estate Agents Get Paid in California (Bay Area) You might wonder how does a real estate agent get paid… …when they help buyers and sellers in buying or selling houses. They are not paid hourly for their job or any salary (some brokerage may hire agents on salary basis) Real estate agents in Fremont or anywhere in Bay area, California, most of them are paid in commission for their services. When buying a home, 87% of the buyers use real estate agents, it may be for their first…

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  • Real Estate Meltdown

    The real estate and mortgage meltdown that occurred several years ago affected people across the nation. There are lessons to be learned from the meltdown, and if people remember these lessons it is possible to avoid a similar scenario in the future. Despite the damage that was done to so many lives, there are some silver linings to be found in the aftermath of the meltdown. Additionally, many real estate buyers today are benefiting from the effects of the meltdown and from the lessons that were…

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  • Real Estate Auction Essay

    1.1 PROJECT SUMMARY: • A real estate auction is an innovative and effective method of selling real estate. It is an intense, accelerated real estate marketing process that involves the public sale of any property-most certainly including thos that are nondistressed-through open cry, competitive bidding. 1.2 PURPOSE: • In the private auction of real estate, the auctioneer is a unique professional that is both a real estate expert and an auctioneer, capable of marketing and selling…

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  • Investing In Real Estate

    When investing in real estate it can be both risky and intimidating. Purchasing property is a big commitment and failing to follow through with payments and taxes can easily ruin a credit score and leave an individual in financial instability. However, with the right investment and smart money management, the potential to profit substantially off a single rental property is great. The typical investor will chose a property that can generate income as well as sustain itself. The income is…

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  • Analysis On Real Estate: An Entrepreneurial Venture

    Real Estate: An Entrepreneurial Venture Entrepreneurial spirit is common among real estate professionals. It is probably because, an individual gets to understand the business they love and enjoy the freedom of working with no limits. Since one can create a business model that suits their personal desires, manage their time and having their business niche. To be successful in a career such as a real estate person is just but the beginning of an entrepreneurial adventure. One must possess…

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  • Real Estate Tax Research Paper

    Real Estate Tax Strategies Achieving Financial Strength Through Real Estate Tax Strategies The right tax strategy can help you build true wealth because you can deduct hundreds of everyday personal and business expenses and interest payments, generate cash flow from rentals while building equity and realize tax-free capital gains on the sale of primary homes every two years. Any financial portfolio benefits by including real estate to hedge and balance the investments. In real estate, agents…

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  • Real Estate Development In South Korea

    When thinking of South Korea it is difficult to change the overall image that the media has painted of the southern half of the peninsula. What first comes to mind, is there ferocious neighbor and enemy just north of the 38th parallel. However, what some fail to realize about South Korea is their monumental break throughs in real estate development and technology. Just south of one of the most populated cities in the world, lies a new and upcoming development with the name Songdo International…

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  • Student Loans: Real Estate Analysis

    Hollyann Heller 7/24/16 Real Estate Analysis Paper 2 How Student Loans are Hurting the Real Estate Market Student loans are commonly used to help pay for college, and most college student’s use this strategy in order to pay for their education. One thing about student loans that people try to put in the back of their minds is that they all need to be repaid eventually. According to the article, “A Look at the Shocking Student Loan Debt Statistics for 2016,” it mentions that there is $1.26…

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  • Residential Real Estate Development

    INTORDUCTION As a self-employed architect I aims to give enough research and detail in order to encourage the developer to decide on a set choice for the property they have recently purchased. This will be done by providing the developer with a number of designs to choose from that will best fit the new estate. By exploring subjects such as elements and principles of design, as well as the legal responsibilities and existing land in the area. The estate designed will ensure the developer a well…

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