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  • Investment: Case Study: BF016 Investments

    STUDENT NAME: Duc Thinh Vu INSTRUCTOR: Mark Franich SUBJECT: Investments ASSIGNMENT 1 BF016 Investments Assessment 1 – Case Study (Individual) The role of finance is explained through the analyzing of financial to distinguish the different of finance theories. Finance theory including studying the different ways via individuals raise funds and businesses, spend those funds in the most profitable ways, and invest the excess in portfolios that reap the best return while keeping in check the risk factor. Therefore, the biggest challenges that finance faced is how to invest the funds to generate the required returns. The goals to be achieved from investing vary from individuals to institutions. The decision…

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  • The Importance Of Investment

    Investment is risk. There is no investment that is completely secure and completely safe. Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, every investment option holds the risk of losing money. The objective of investing one’s wealth is to generate income for the future. People fear that investing their wealth is putting their future at risk, a fear is holding down the success of that wealth. Wayne Gretzky, the greatest hockey player of all time, famously said, “ You miss one hundred percent of…

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  • Investments And Investment: The Relationship Between Risk And Return

    When making an investment in any business, it is important to understand how it works in order to safeguard hard earned money being invested. Many people who go blindly investing in any form of ‘get rich quick’ schemes finally end up losing it all. Such investments are examples of uncalculated and unworthy risks that only end up with regrets. While many people only invest in order to make quick cash, they do not understand the theories behind risks and returns. Therefore, it is important to…

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  • Case Study: SIP Investment Or Lumpsum Investment?

    Case Study SIP Investment or Lumpsum Investment? The concept of SIP and Lumpsum are the two modes of investment strategy that is followed by investors in the capital markets. SIP investments are maintained in a disciplined form in investment strategy where client is providing money according to the stipulated plan or contract. Lumpsum investment is followed by investing the entire amount into a chosen equity stocks or plan. Lumpsum investing strategy is mostly followed by the experienced…

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  • The Importance Of Capital Investment

    Capital investment decisions are essentially made by top level management such as the CEO or president of the company as this is where strategic decisions usually are conducted (Reference for Business, 2016). Therefore, capital investment decisions generally have to be made by the top executive level management individuals that are used to making decisions on investments that have a long term impact on the company’s performance and productivity. Additionally, capital investment decisions are…

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  • Neoclassical Investment Theory

    Firm-specific monthly data for this study were obtained from the CRSP. The authors propose and test a new model based on the neoclassical theory of investment. Specific data on stocks were examined to find if the neoclassical investment model was profitable. The sample covered stock returns from 1963 to 2012 and included only the firms with positive sales, positive assets, and positive market values. The findings show that the neoclassical investment model was capable of clarifying return…

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  • Importance Of Investment In Infrastructure

    Few would contradict the fact that the investment in infrastructure is important to the economy or an infrastructure in good working order is obviously a necessary condition for economic activity. According to Eberts (2002) , the essential question is whether, at the margin, an additional investment infrastructure contributes to economic growth. To policy makers, this Growth has several possible outcomes, including employment growth and income, improving the quality of life, environmental…

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  • The Importance Of Ethical Investment

    manager’s role in the mutual fund is to maximize the wealth of the investors, through investment of assets in stocks of corporations. Every citizen/corporation has a social responsibility towards the society in which he lives in. Similarly mutual funds have a responsibility towards the society in which it operates. By investing on companies, investors seek to promote the growth and development of the company in anticipation of good results. They thus play a role in promoting the activities of…

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  • Investment Peers Essay

    Q12 - OE_ClosestInvestmentPeers Which companies would you consider to be GLP’s closest investment peers? "Obviously, there’s the MGM entity whose name escapes me. Then there are collections of other triple-net lease REITs out there whose names I don’t know well." Q13 Relative to its investment peers, do you consider GLP’s common stock to be overvalued, undervalued, or do you think it’s valued about right? "Valued about right. It’s valued about right given the peers much higher organic growth.…

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  • Raw Land Investment

    Raw Land As An Alternative Investment Raw land is a property you can buy, leave for a long period of time to appreciate and then sell it for profit in the future. Even though in this aspect of investment, you tie up your money with the hope to get high return anytime it is being sold. This kind of investment is better and of lower risk for hard earned money. Raw land is one of the real estate investments that is most overlooked across the globe. The truth is that it has ability to produce…

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