The Pros And Cons Of Investment

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I don’t believe that the average citizen is capable of making a wise investment decision that would lead to a nice retirement nest egg. I feel that if we would turn over to private investment then the government would have to allocate funds for education in basic accounting and economics so society can invest wisely. It takes time to learn the financial lingo in the investment world. When investing you can’t just place your hope into one account and check on it every other year. To increase your investment, you have to have patience, diversity, and time to investigate financial statements. Income statements can be great predictor of a company’s profitability. This does not guarantee that you won 't lose money. Before taking that leap you must …show more content…
This would create millions of jobs because many would prefer others to manage their accounts due to the lack of education in economics and accounting. It’s crazy to think that we are wanting to pull our funds away from the government because of the lack of trust in government but we are willing to trust our money into a possible asset stripping organization. We need to remember that Social Security was created for our disabled, elders, and their families. Now, I believe that the current set up should be altered so the program can continue without the worry of funds running out. You also have to imagine what would happen to stock prices and the market in general if every adult was investing into the top companies. Would this cause America to grow or fail much quicker? Would this cause some companies to increase worth and others to fall out of the market? In my opinion, the finance industry will benefit many but at the end of the day its main goal is to move money around to maximize its’ worth and not ours. We as individuals are on the bottom of the totem pole in the …show more content…
I thought the main reason why many Americans didn’t invest was do the lack of education but it was the lack of finances that kept people from playing in the Stock Market. This is understandable because as millennials we have increased stress with school, loans, car payments, mortgages, and daily living expenses. I didn’t start investing into the stock market until I was 25 due to my expenses. When I found some financial stability, I was able to use some of my earnings to create my portfolio in the hopes to increase my earnings in the long run. At the end of the day you have to be willing to spend money to make money.

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