The Stock Market Crash Of 1929 Essay

During the 1920’s America had experienced an economic growth in which not only did it made the Nation rich but the people were able to obtain more luxuries such as cars, jewelry, events, and even afford buying a house. By the time it had become popular for people to possess items of high value and even value them more than anything. The time during this period was suitable; People were earning more money and consuming more, which also meant that people were investing great amounts of money into stocks, but on October 29, 1929 the stock market took a downturn in which eventually led to the events of the Great Depression. As the stock market crash not it only did it affect millions of Americans, it affected the economy as well. This tragedy is historically known as “The Stock Market Crash of 1929,” were it focuses on the events that led to the stock market’s collapse and its aftermath, The Great Depression.
Why did it happen? Capital had a great significance during the 1920’s, mainly between the banking system and the stock market. To begin with, stocks are a share or a part of a company that the investor becomes owner of, also known as equities (“stock”). Now, investing in stocks is an excellent money source, especially when the economic growth is stable. The thing about stocks is that its
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Roosevelt restored the nation 's hope by immediately taking action. To start off, Roosevelt began explaining the idea behind ‘The New Deal,” through the radio. The New Deal consisted of the three R’s: relief, recovery, and reform. Relief would help Americans with food, money, and shelter. In other words, the New Deal would first have offered immediate relief, then help the economy by creating programs that will create jobs, and lastly conduct changes in the nation’s system to avoid a tragedy like the stock market crash from reciting (“The Great

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