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  • For-Profit Colleges Definition

    For-profit colleges in the U.S. are higher educational institutions that are run similarly to a business, with the primary goal of the institution being to gain revenue. Most traditional colleges are nonprofit, however, for-profit colleges have increased in popularity around past 25 years. Well-known examples of for-profit institutions include ITT Technical Institute, Everest College, University of Phoenix, and DeVry University. Most of them have little or no requirements to enroll and they operate on many campuses all across the U.S. The business aspect of for-profit colleges differentiates them from traditional, nonprofit colleges. The two engage in different practices and run slightly differently because only for-profit colleges exist to…

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  • Pathological Pursuit Of Profit And Power Analysis

    relentless pursuit of profit. All companies are motivated by the idea of profit maximization; corporations are no different. They strive to earn more and more profit. They are not guided by charitable ideals, a moral compass, or the need to help the community. Governed and owned by shareholders, corporations are instructed to seek out profit. They are responsible to them and them alone. Thus, this inherent quality in corporations prohibits them from being socially responsible. That does not mean…

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  • Non-Profit Organizations: Nonprofits

    Nonprofits focus on fulfilling an altruistic mission. In order to achieve missions successfully, nonprofits have to ensure survival. Nonprofits continuously have to think of new tactics and ideas to survive, especially in the for-profit world. On the other hand, businesses focus on maximizing profit. The bottom line is to make money. But what if the businesses began focusing on social good as well? Competition just got harder for nonprofits. Businesses are beginning to take on the role of…

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  • Not-For-Profit Organization: A Case Study

    Arts organizations often operate in a not-for-profit environment. In brief, not-for-profit organization is an organization that does not seek profit. It is obvious that not-for-profit organizations cannot be operated without “profit” and most of the not-for-profit organizations do commercial activities. However, any profit must return to the organization to support their mission in a not-for-profit organization. The goal of a not-for-profit organization may be its mission, not just money. The…

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  • Benefits Of Non Profit Organizations

    EXECUTIVE SUMMURY Non profitable organizations are legal bodies that are formed with a special mission to support the most needed ones. The impact of non profit organization upon the society is huge and thus the management and leadership of non profit organization is an area of concern. The mission statements of most non-profits are mainly focused towards helping people or addressing a need that is not met through government or private sources. The non profits were forced to act more like…

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  • Non Profit Community Events

    Non-commercial events include charitable events, community events and not for profit community events. Although there is a financial gain in charitable events, the surplus is intended for charitable purposes. Community events are not for private or corporate gain, but for the benefits and interest of the local community or for raising funds for local community facilities. Not for profit community events are events where a minimal participation fee is charged to cover the costs of the event and…

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  • Non Profit Entity Essay

    15 Sept - Registering a Non-Profit Entity in Singapore - SGInc – Shri Ref link: Registering a Non-Profit Entity in Singapore A large number of people are interested in doing their bit in the interest of society and public. Singapore allows them to register non-profit organizations (NPO) and give their efforts a legal status. Types of Business Structures  A Society  A Charitable Trust  A Public Company…

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  • Internal Communication In Non-Profit Organizations

    Internal communication in non-profit organizations Many non-profit organizations are so focused on communicating with an external audience, such as volunteers, donors and the media, that they forget the importance of communication with its own staff (Bruner, 2011). Internal communication should be guided by clear policies and practices. The management of an organization should actively listen and respond respectfully to the employees that have something to say, and also encourage those who do…

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  • The Non-Profit Industrial Complex (NPIC)

    While most people believe that non-profit are doing great public work, these organizations are often contributing to the increase of elitism and capitalist forms through corporate influence. Non-profit industrial complex (NPIC) is as a “set of symbolic relationships that link political and financial technologies of state and owning class control with surveillance over public political ideology, including and especially emergent progressive and leftist social movement” (Smith 8). This simply…

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  • Non-Profit Organizations And Opportunities Analysis

    need, there is not money for extra expenditures (Greechie, 2016). Precisely, funding is designed to cover staff salaries and the organization function costs. Still, managers face budget difficulties, when they need to invest in office supplies or equipment, since budget is too tight. Non-profit professionals concern about their jobs, specially, when it comes to small organizations. In fact, non-profit organizations are economically vulnerable, thus, they need well designed budgeting projection.…

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