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  • Adam Smith Vs Bernard Mandeville

    lesser-known Bernard Mandeville. Each of these men sought to guide the will of their fellow citizens in terms of his or her use of their profits. Though both of the…

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  • Moserk Company Ratio Analysis

    business with the company. Looking at the Gross Profit Margin could help to promote more positive thoughts. The higher the profit margin is will show that the company retains a greater profit on each item. In comparison to the industry standard, Moserk is preforming fairly well. They are at 21.68% and the average is held at 25.00%. This number is referred to to ensure that the business is efficient and profitable as its competitors. The Net Profit Margin shows the overall amount retained per…

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  • Economic Profit Vs Accounting Profit Analysis

    Summary of “Economic Profit vs. Accounting Profit” Robert L. Bartley writes about the about how the economic and accounting versions of profit differ. While economists are interested in what creates production and thus profit, while accountants focus on the money earned for the owner. Most CEO and CFOs are follow the accountants definition, however they should be looking at the economists way, as it show the driving force behind the company’s production rate and profit. Summary of “America’s…

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  • Kennel Company Case Analysis

    entire life, including research&development costs, production costs, marketing costs, support costs, etc. Life Cycle costs = ($180+$2) *40,000+$320,000 =$7,600,000 Expected/target cost The target cost is the difference between selling price and target profit. The initial market for Kennel-Up’s new ferret cage was estimated to be 40,000 cages over a five-year period with a proposed selling price of $240.00. Based on the survey of focus groups and a market feasibility assessment, the marketing…

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  • Google Workers In The Workplace

    are receiving their daily nutritional necessities, they are more focused and capable of being productive at work. Employees are then more motivated by their careers when they feel better about themselves after exercising. As a result, this screams profits for any business. If an employee is capable of working at maximum capacity and alertness every day, average productivity escalates. A business can then hire less workers to do a task. Employers receive greater quality of performance from their…

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  • Why Is Whistleblowing Wrong

    disloyalty to the company. In Ronald Duska’s article Whistleblowing II, he takes opposition to this stance. Throughout his article he makes three main points: employees have no obligation to remain loyal to a company, the primary function of business is profit, and the analogy between business and team is erroneous. It’s important to consider the types of groups where loyalty is appropriate. Bok says, “since (the whistleblower)…

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  • Business Ethics Case Study: The Ford Pinto Case

    Ford Pinto Paper #5403 In 1978, an attack came unto Ford from unhappy consumers. These consumers, or more telling, their next of kin, were unhappy with the safety offered by Ford’s subcompact model, the Pinto. The subcompact was a new addition to the American markets, but not new to markets. The markets overseas were run amok with much more favored subcompacts for years. The American market was just now, however, starting to lean away from the larger, more gas guzzling cars and going towards…

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  • Pepsi And Coke

    decreasing profits, both companies also ventured out to new industries such as Pepsi with Frito-Lay and Coke creating new drinks and moving into international markets. This allowed them to increase margins in those areas. Towards more recent years both products have been through numerous product launches and have even started a premium product pricing strategy. Basically, as one company changed, the other has followed and tried to outdo the previous. This has created those fluctuations in profit…

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  • Case Study: Armstrong World Industries

    Armstrong World Industries’ primary range of operation is the design and manufacture of floors and ceiling systems. Operating in the following segments: Building Products, Resilient Flooring, and Wood Flooring, Armstrong has been developing its expertise as an incorporated firm over one hundred twenty four years and is conservative in its range of operation. As stated in investor presentation, Armstrong’s business priority is to “Build core competency of driving specifications in the architect…

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  • The Great Bowl Summary

    their own price. For example if a business owner buys a piece of land for building a house but he determines to use this land to make a bakery, he will face an indirect or implicit cost of this land to his bakery. As a result, he would earn a normal profit or loss at the end of the season, if he would not count the cost of his land as a cost for his bakery. His bakery’s economic costs are both implicit cost and explicit cost. Economic costs are very…

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